With flowers of hearts -pure with affection

By M Sridhar  Published on  25 Dec 2022 8:32 AM GMT
With flowers of hearts -pure with affection

Tiruppavai -5

Tamil Paashuram

Maayanai Mannu Vada Madurai Maindanai

Thooya Peruneer Yamunai-t-thuraivanai

Aayar Kulathinil Thondru Mani-vilakkai

Thaayai Kudal Vilakkam seyda Damodaranai

Thooyomai Vandhu Naam Thoomalar Thoovi-t-thozhudu

Vayinarpadi Manathinaal Sindhikka

Poya Pizhaiyum Pugutharuvan Nindranavum

Theeyinil Thoosagum Sheppu-el or empaavaai

Madabhushi Sridhar's English Poem 5

Krishna – the mysterious boy of Mathura in north

On the serene banks of sacred Yamuna river waters

The brilliant effulgence of Yadava clan

Who surrendered to Yashoda's abundant love bond,

We reach you with flowers of our hearts -pure with affection,

Meditate upon Krishna before singing Him

to burn the past sins, present misdeeds & future wrongs

like a spark of fire turns piled up cotton into ashes


In first, it is Naaraayana Tatwam, in second poem, reclines (second poem) in Vyuha Ocean of Milk, as Vibhavam (His descendent forms – Avatara) in third, Antaryaami in the fourth and in fifth in Archaswaroopam, the worship idol, in temples on the earth.

We, in our mediation, give a shape to what we think the God will be. It is the 'moorthy' - the statue. If you can offer your hearts as flowers, sincerely, that is ideal worship. If you invoke Him with love, those words themselves are mantras and that is called Archaa Rupam of Bhagavan. Goda explains this with her symbolic poetry, full of Rupaka Alankara studded sentences. God descends down and further down to come nearer to and easy for devotees.

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