Atrocities against women: Bengaluru social activist calls for national women’s rally on May 20

Recent spate of assaults and atrocities against women, revelations in Prajwal Revanna case activists called for a national rally on May 20

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  19 May 2024 10:23 AM GMT
Atrocities against women: Bengaluru social activist calls for national women’s rally on May 20

Hyderabad: Social activist and lawyer based in Bengaluru Akhila Vidyasandra called for a national-level rally on May 20 against the recent spate of assaults and atrocities against women, especially regarding revelations in the Prajwal Revanna case.

JD(S) MP from Hassan Constituency in Karnataka was recently accused of sexual assault of multiple women including house help and party workers. On Saturday, a special court issued an arrest warrant against the MP who had fled the country on a diplomatic passport when the allegations came to light in April.

After allegations of sexual abuse against Prajwal came out, including alleged evidence in around 3,000 files, JD(S) suspended Prajwal from the party on April 30.

Prajwal is Karnataka JD(S) MLA HD Revanna’s son and the grandson of JD(S) founder and former prime minister HD Deve Gowda.

“We have been witnessing over the last couple of decades, especially over the last 10 years assaults on the dignity and security of women. The blatant misogyny especially in the public and political arena has given more legitimacy to already existing patriarchal and chauvinistic attitudes of Indian men within families and society reflecting in an increase in rapes, murders, sexual assaults and exploitation of women. Men in positions of political and religious power are brazenly taking advantage of women subjecting them to disgusting forms of sexual control and violence,” said Akhila Vidyasandra in a public notice.

“The horrific case of Prajwal Revanna from the JD(S) in Karnataka who has been using the power of his gender, caste, and political power to systematically assault women, videotape and blackmail them into doing what he wants is the most recent example of this kind of impunity enjoyed by men in power,” the social activist said, calling for women in cities including Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi and Kolkata to unite and show their strength and determination through the rally.

Saying that it is the public’s responsibility to stop atrocities such as Nirbhaya, the ones committed in Sandeshkhali and Unnao, the social activist said, ‘the State and the Central governments, law and order systems, judiciary, women and human rights commissions have abdicated from their responsibility to safeguard women’s dignity to uphold the most regressive forms of social morality.’

“We, the women of India, along with the more sensitive men who respect women, need to stand up for ourselves,” the social activist declared and urged people to come together on May 20.

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