Covid 19: Solapur and Sangli in Maharashtra see a rise in XBB 1.16 cases

Positivity rate indicates the number of cases detected per 100 tests

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  30 March 2023 4:25 AM GMT
Covid 19

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Mumbai: Amid rising cases of COVID-19, Solapur and Sangli districts have topped the positivity chart in Maharashtra with 20.05 per cent and 17.47 per cent rate, respectively, in March, said the state health department on Thursday.

Positivity rate indicates the number of cases detected per 100 tests.

"Four weeks back, the state had a positivity rate of 1.05 per cent but between March 22 and 28, it reported 6.15 per cent. The districts with a rise in positivity rate include Solapur (20.05 per cent), Sangli (17.47 per cent), Kolhapur (15.35 per cent), Pune (12.33 per cent), Nashik 7.84 per cent and Ahmednagar (7.56 per cent)," said the department in a statement.

The daily reporting of COVID-19 cases is high in districts such as Mumbai, Pune, Thane, Raigad, Nashik and Sangli, it added.

The department confirmed the new COVID-19 variant -- XBB.1.16 -- has been found in swab samples of 230 patients in the state so far.

"Out of the 230 cases, 151 are from Pune followed by Aurangabad 24, Thane 23, Kolhapur and Ahmednagar 11 each, Amravati 8 and one each in Mumbai and Raigad. Out of the 230 cases, one patient has succumbed to the infection while others have recovered," said the statement.

Despite several efforts from the state government, not even one crore people have taken the COVID-19 booster dose, officials said.

As per vaccination data, 9,16,70,759 persons have taken the first dose of the vaccine, while 7,66,25,098 have taken the second dose as well.

However, only 96,56,664 people have taken the booster dose so far, said department officials.

The state government has appealed to people to avoid gathering in crowded places and has urged them to use masks to minimise the spread of the infection.

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