Explainer: What LS handbook says on visitors' passes for Parliament

The guidelines were in the spotlight after two persons jumped into the Lok Sabha chamber from the public gallery in a major security breach

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  14 Dec 2023 3:40 AM GMT
Explainer: What LS handbook says on visitors passes for Parliament

New Delhi: All MPs requesting visitor passes must give a declaration that they know the guest personally and take full responsibility for him or her, according to the Lok Sabha handbook for members.

The guidelines were in the spotlight after two persons on Wednesday jumped into the Lok Sabha chamber from the public gallery in a major security breach.

According to the 'handbook for Lok Sabha members' uploaded on the Lower House's website, in the application form submitted by MPs for visitors, they need to provide details such as visitor's name in full, age, father's or husband's name, nationality and passport number (for foreigners only) and details of occupation, among other things.

Details of occupation of the husband (in the case of housewives only), full permanent address and state, and full Delhi address are also required.

According to the handbook, the members have to provide a certificate on the application form for the visitor card stating, "The above-named visitor is my relation/personal friend/known to me personally and I take full responsibility for her/him." Visitors' cards for the public gallery are issued for the guests of Lok Sabha members on the day before the visit on applications from members on yellow forms available in the Centralised Pass Issue Cell.

The application for visitors' card should contain the name of not more than four guests of a member and the application should reach the Centralised Pass Issue Cell not later than 4 pm on the working day before the date for which the card is required.

"Not more than four visitors' cards will be issued to a member for a particular day for fixed hour(s) and complete particulars of the visitors may be furnished in the application forms for issue of visitors' cards, failing which the visitors' cards may not be issued," the handbook states.

Visitors' cards on same-day applications from members on red forms available in the Centralised Pass Issue Cell are issued subject to observance of certain conditions.

The applications for same-day visitors' cards should be made to the secretary general as early as possible on the date for which they are required and such applications should be delivered at the Centralised Pass Issue Cell.

"For getting same-day passes issued, the Deputy Leader or the Whip of the Party, whosoever is authorised by the Party, should recommend the issue of same-day passes on the application form," the handbook says.

The member is also required to take the visitor to the concerned joint secretary or additional secretary for the purpose, it states.

When a member requires a same-day visitors' pass, he may have his guests seated in the Reception Office or the MP Waiting Room Centralised Pass Issue Cell.

Same-day visitors' cards are delivered to the member, who is required to sign the register maintained for this purpose.

Two persons jumped into the Lok Sabha chamber from the public gallery during Zero Hour, released yellow smoke from canisters and shouted slogans before being overpowered by MPs. Around the same time, a man and a woman also sprayed coloured smoke from canisters while shouting the slogan "tanashahi nahi chalegi" outside the Parliament premises.

All four have been detained by security forces.

Two persons involved in the incident have been identified as Sagar Sharma and Manoranjan D. Sharma and Manoranjan had come to the visitor's gallery as guests of Mysuru Lok Sabha member Prathap Simha.

Manoranjan D had been pursuing Simha and his office for the pass for over three months, sources said.

Facing flak, Simha's office defended him, saying MPs generally entertain such requests from members of their constituency.

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