Hyderabad: The Ministry of Home Affairs, GOI has asked Indian Police Service officers to file immovable property returns by 31st January 2020, failing which Vigilance department will deny clearance, it said. Earlier it was decided that IPS officers would file the property return through online.

In a letter addressed to all the State governments, the MHA said, "All the IPS officers would file the immovable property returns for the year 2020 through online in the same manner as per the instructions issued by MHA. In this regard an application namely IPD (immovable property return) has already been designed to enable the officers to file the return online".

The order also clarified that, "Since the application would be available in the SPARROW itself, no separate user ID and password would be required once the officers access the website".

In what can be taken as a caution, the MHA has said any IPS officer failing to submit their IPR for the year 2020 their vigilance clearance will be denied. Also no request for condonation of delay in filing the IPR will be entertained by the MHA.

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