Kharge: Congress performance reflects people’s mandate against PM Modi

The two public yatras – Bharat Jodo Yatra and Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra – taken up by Rahul Gandhi, became a yardstick for the Congress party campaign

By Kaniza Garari  Published on  4 Jun 2024 2:26 PM GMT
Kharge: Congress performance reflects people’s mandate against PM Modi

New Delhi: “It’s a people’s mandate against prime minister Narendra Modi,” said Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge in the press conference on Tuesday evening, even while the results of the 18th Lok Sabha elections were being declared.

Kharge, along with senior leaders Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, Jairam Ramesh and Pawan Khera addressed the press stating that despite the hurdles placed by the BJP-led Union government, Congress was able to carry out a positive campaign.

‘The fight to continue’

The fight will continue as the rising inflation, farmers' rights and price rise are a concern The manner in which the government institutions have been compromised is a concern, Kharge said.

“The lies that PM Modi spread about the Congress manifesto and the campaign that was carried out by him will not be forgotten by the people of India. People of India will remember him,” he added.

Kharge credits Rahul Gandhi’s yatras to Congress performance

The two public yatras – Bharat Jodo Yatra and Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra – taken up by Rahul Gandhi, became a yardstick for the Congress party campaign. “The feedback generated from different sections of the people during the yatras made it possible for the party to understand the economic stress faced by society and design the guarantees,” he said.

‘Central institutions compromised’

“Arrogance of the BJP and the compromise of the government institutions which they tried to capture were not lost to people. They used it against the Opposition and the people were sure that PM Modi would attack the Constitution given another chance,” said Kharge.

People’s verdict is a message to the BJP that they cannot be successful in this attempt, he added.

I always had faith in people, says Rahul

Rahul Gandhi said, “I had faith in the people when I walked the two yatras and despite the BJP capturing institutions and intelligence agencies and also putting two chief ministers in jail, there was faith in the verdict of the people.”

He further said, “People of this country don’t want Narendra Modi and Amit Shah to run this country. They are not happy with the way the country has been governed by these two.”

Rahul thanks the people of Uttar Pradesh

Rahul Gandhi thanked the people of Uttar Pradesh who have shown political wisdom in their choice. In Uttar Pradesh, the SP-Congress alliance is poised to win the elections, as per the latest data. Rahul also thanked the INDIA alliance partners and the workers of the parties.

Gandhi said, “My sister Priyanka Gandhi also has worked hard for the state of UP.”

‘Stock market going down is not a co-incidence’

Speaking about the stock market going down on the day of results, Gandhi said, “There is a direct relationship between PM Modi and Adani. For that reason, the stock markets have gone down today.”

Rahul lauds Kishori Lal Sharma for Amethi's win

Kishori Lal Sharma has become the giant killer from Amethi by defeating BJP’s Smriti Irani.

Criticising the BJP for saying that the ‘Gandhis fielded their personal assistant from the constituency’, Rahul Gandhi said, “BJP does not respect people and it is very wrong to say this about Kishori Lal. He has known Amethi for the last 40 years and has worked in the constituency. We are very happy that he has won the seat.”

Kharge mum on the question of the formation of government

The Congress party appealed to all its workers and also the partners of the INDIA alliance to be vigilant as the fight was still not over. Kharge said, “We are still not finished. The fight for the constitution will continue and the coming days are very important for all of us.”

When asked about whether the Congress will form the government if given the chance, Kharge said, “If I tell you everything then Modi will come to know and he will try to break parties again.”

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