Hyderabad: Kiran Deoli Uniyal, 47, from Dehradun has 12 world records in martial arts under her belt. India Records and High Range Book of World Records, an ISO and UK accredited world record, has given her the title "First woman/female to achieve most/maximum numbers of world records in martial arts in India". Of the 12 world records, 10 are Guinness world records.

Recently, Kiran won her 4th individual Guinness world record for "the most full contact elbow strikes in one minute using alternate elbows (female) is 258 strikes". She broke the earlier record of 242 strikes. Her speed was 4.3 strikes per second. She also holds the records for "the most full contact knee strikes in three minutes (one leg) (female), 263 strikes" and "the most full contact knee strikes alternate legs in one minute (female), 120 strikes".

The 47-year-old mother of two and wife of an Army man is a passionate martial arts practitioner and philanthropist. She has been promoting martial arts for fitness, sports, and self-defence among girls and women. She says that since crimes against women are on the rise, martial arts has become very essential and important for all women and girls for self-defence.

She believes that with regular and disciplined training, anyone can learn martial arts at any age. "Speed and reflexes play a vital role in martial arts and self-defence. It is important to neutralize the perpetrator or an attacker and bring him to the ground in the initial few seconds which will scare him and, besides, give courage and confidence to oneself," says Kiran.

She wants to achieve world records in martial arts so as to inspire and encourage other girls and women to take up fitness and martial arts for self-defence, besides breaking the stereotype and prove that age is no limit for pursuing fitness, martial arts, and breaking world records.

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