On Sengol & Adheenams: Modi hails role of Tamil Nadu in freedom struggle

Mr. Modi lamented that Tamil Nadu's contribution was not given due recognition in the years after Independence

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  28 May 2023 7:21 AM GMT
On Sengol & Adheenams: Modi hails role of Tamil Nadu in freedom struggle

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi installed the historic ‘Sengol’ in the Lok Sabha of the new Parliament building in New Delhi on Sunday. Ahead of the inauguration, Mr. Modi was blessed by the Adheenam Mahants from Tamil Nadu.

A day before, on Saturday, Mr. Modi addressed the Adheenams and said it was a matter of great fortune that they graced the Prime Minister’s residence with their presence. The Prime Minister said it is by the blessings of Lord Shiva that he got to interact with all the disciples of Lord Shiva at once. He also expressed great delight that the Adheenams would be present on Sunday at the inauguration of the new Parliament House and shower their blessings.

Highlighting the role of Tamil Nadu in the freedom struggle the Prime Minister said, “Tamil Nadu has been a bastion of Indian nationalism. Tamil people always had a spirit of service and welfare of Maa Bharath.”

Mr. Modi lamented that Tamil's contribution was not given due recognition in the years after Independence. Now, it is being given due importance, he said.

Sengol: A symbol of transfer of power

The Prime Minister pointed out that at the time of Independence, questions regarding the symbol of transfer of power arose and there were different traditions in this regard. “At that time, under the guidance of Adheenam and Raja ji, we found a blessed path from our sacred ancient Tamil Culture — the path of transfer of power through the medium of Sengol,” he said.

Sengol, the Prime Minister said, reminded the person that he has the responsibility for the welfare of the country and that he will never waiver from the path of duty. At that time, in 1947, Thiruvaduthurai Adheenam created a special Sengol.

“Today, pictures from that era remind us of the deep emotional bond between Tamil culture and India’s destiny as a modern democracy. Today, this saga of this deep bond has come alive from the pages of history,” the Prime Minister said.

He added, “This gives us a perspective to see the happenings of that time in proper perspective. We also come to know how this sacred symbol was treated.”

The Prime Minister specially bowed down to the foresight of Raja ji and other various Adheenams and highlighted the Sengol which was a symbol of freedom from hundreds of years of slavery.

The Prime Minister underlined that it was the Sengol which conjoined free India to the era of the nation that existed before slavery, and it signified the transfer of power in 1947 when the country became independent.

‘Sengol getting its deserved place’

Another significance of the Sengol, the Prime Minister said, is that it connected the glorious years and the traditions of India’s past with the future of Independent India. The Prime Minister lamented that the holy Sengol did not get the respect it deserved and it was left in Anand Bhawan in Prayagraj where it was exhibited as a walking stick. It is the present government that brought the Sengol out of Anand Bhawan, he said.

“We have the opportunity to revive the first moment of India’s Independence during the establishment of the Sengol in the New Parliament House. The Sengol is getting its deserved place in the temple of democracy,” the Prime Minister remarked. He expressed delight that the symbol of the great traditions of India, the Sengol, will be established in the new Parliament House.

He said the Sengol will remind us to continuously walk on the “Kartavya Path” and remain answerable to the public.

Adheenams a great inspiration

The Prime Minister said that Adheenams great inspiring tradition is a symbol of living pious energy. Referring to their Shaivite tradition, Mr. Modi hailed the spirit of “Ek Bharat, Shreshtha Bharat” in their philosophy.

He said the names of many Adheenams convey this spirit as some of these sacred names refer to Kailash, the sacred mountain which despite being in the remote Himalayas is near to their hearts. The great Shaivite saint Tirumular is said to have come from Kailash to spread Shiv Bhakti.

Similarly, the Prime Minister remembered many great saints from Tamil Nadu who have reverently mentioned Ujjain, Kedarnath, and Gaurikund.

As a member of the Parliament from Varanasi, the Prime Minister informed about Swami Kumaragurupara of Dharmapuram Adheenam who had gone to Kashi from Tamil Nadu and established the Kedareshwar temple at Kedar Ghat in Banaras.

He further added that Kashi Math in Thiruppanandal, Tamil Nadu is also named after Kashi. Throwing light on an interesting fact about this math, the Prime Minister said the Kashi Math of Thiruppanandal used to provide banking services to the pilgrims where one could deposit money in the Kashi Math of Tamil Nadu and withdraw it by showing the certificate in Kashi. “In this way, the followers of Shaiv Siddhanta not only spread devotion to Shiva but also did the work of bringing us closer to each other,” the Prime Minister said.

Adheenams keeping alive Tamil culture

The Prime Minister underscored the role of great tradition like the Adheenams in keeping the Tamil culture vibrant even after hundreds of years of slavery. “All your institutions have a very glorious history in terms of contribution to the nation. Now is the time to take this tradition forward and be inspired to work for generations to come,” the Prime Minister said.

Aim for developed India

Underlining the goals set for the next 25 years, the Prime Minister said that the aim is to build a strong, self-reliant, inclusive, and developed India by 100 years of the country’s Independence.

The Prime Minister emphasised that the Adheenams have a very important role when the country is moving ahead with the goals of 2047.

He said millions of countrymen have become reacquainted with the Adheenams’ role in 1947. “Your organisations have always embodied the values of service. You have presented a great example of connecting people with each other, creating a sense of equality among them,” he added.

Concluding the address, the Prime Minister underlined that India’s strength depends on its unity. He warned about those who create obstacles in the way of the nation’s progress and pose various challenges. “Those who hinder India’s progress, they will try to break our unity. But I am sure that we will face every challenge with spirituality and social strength that the country is getting from your institutions,” he concluded.

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