Opposition in Rajya Sabha demands statement from Shah on LS security breach

Raising the issue of the security breach, Leader of the House Mallikarjun Kharge termed it a "very serious matter".

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  13 Dec 2023 11:10 AM GMT
Opposition in Rajya Sabha demands statement from Shah on LS security breach

New Delhi: The Opposition in Rajya Sabha on Wednesday demanded an explanation from Home Minister Amit Shah on the security breach in Lok Sabha and also adjournment of proceedings of the Upper House.

Two intruders jumped into the Lok Sabha chamber earlier in the day and released yellow gas from canisters and shouted slogans.

When the Upper House reassembled at 2 pm, Chairman Jagdeep Dhankhar informed the MPs about the security breach in Lok Sabha as some members sought to raise the issue.

"The information to me is that the intruders in Lok Sabha visitors gallery have immediately been apprehended. The parliamentary security service is examining the matter forthwith. We will apprise the members about the result before I rise for the day," Dhankhar said.

Raising the issue of the security breach, Leader of the House Mallikarjun Kharge termed it a "very serious matter".

He said Opposition members have also participated in a tribute to those who laid down their lives for the country.

"We are always ready for the country's unity and security. The sacrifices made by our people our unmatched to yours," he said.

As some opposition members were shouting slogans, Dhankhar asked them not to do so as the House is "not a place to shout slogans".

"We need not monetise every issue politically. It is a security issue," the Rajya Sabha Chairman said.

He observed that the Lok Sabha is functioning at the moment in good environment and transacting legislative business.

Kharge further said: "You allowed the House to function but this is a very serious problem. It is not just a question of the Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha. The question is how two people managed to intrude in the presence of such a large security apparatus."

To this Dhankhar remarked that the moment he came to know about the incident, the director security was called by him.

"I told him to give me an update. I have shared with the House the update which he gave me at that point of time. It is a matter of concern but let us await full details and the I think we'll be able to reflect," he added.

When Dhankhar sought time to share more details, Kharge said "people are dying and you are talking about giving it time".

However, the sloganeering continued amid the discussion on the consideration and passage of the Central Universities (Amendment) Bill, 2023 tabled by Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan, even as Dhankhar requested members to sit down and let the House function.

He appealed to the Leader of Opposition saying he has called the Director Security and they have been apprehended, to which Kharge requested the Upper House to be adjourned and let Home Minister Amit Shah come.

Amid continuous sloganeering, Leader of the Upper House and Union Minister Piyush Goyal said the Opposition should send a message to the nation instead of politicising the matter.

"Rajya Sabha is House of Elders. We should give a message that the country is above all this. We must let the House function. The Congress is indulging in politicisation of the issue which will not be good for the nation. I request the Leader of Opposition. An enquiry is being conducted. Let us wait for its findings and let the House function smoothly," Goyal said.

Dhankhar further said it is an issue where "we should deliberate in all seriousness and in a composed atmosphere".

Leader of the House has said something, he said, and added it is not necessary for everyone to subscribe to it.

Some members from the Opposition later walked out in protest after the demand for adjournment of the House and Shah to come to Rajya Sabha was not met.

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