'Slapgate': KKU accuses Kangana Ranaut of calling CISF constable Kulwinder Kaur 'Kaur Khalistani'

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  8 Jun 2024 3:49 AM GMT
I was hit, abused by CISF constable, worried about terrorism in Punjab: Kangana

Chandigarh: In a new spin to Kangana Ranaut slapgate’, Kirti Kisan Union (KKU) said the actor-turned-MP called CISF constable Kulwinder Kaur "Kaur Khalistani" which evoked an angry reaction.

“As per the information, CISF staff Kulwinder Kaur, as part of her duty, asked Kangana Ranaut to keep her mobile phone and purse, etc. in the tray for security check. But Kangana misbehaved with Kulwinder Kaur and called her `Kaur Khalistani. In response to name calling, Kulwinder Kaur raised her hand,” KKU state president Nirbhai Singh Dhudike and press secretary Raminder Singh Patiala said in a statement

Terming actor-turned-MP Kangana Ranaut and her sister's rhetoric against Punjab and farmers as hate speech, the Kirti Kisan Union (KKU) has condemned the suspension of CISF constable Kulwinder Kaur without investigation.

KKU state committee held Kangana Ranaut and her arrogance responsible for what happened at the Chandigarh airport. Their behavior is an expression of bad communal politics, KKU said.

KKU demanded a case be registered against Kangana Ranaut.

Condemning the suspension of constable Kulwinder Kaur without investigation, KKU demanded that the CCTV footage of the airport should be made public.

Farmer leaders said that there is widespread anger among the people of Punjab against Kangana Ranaut because of the derogatory language used by women agitators. Even during the Delhi morcha, when her car was gheraoed at Ropar, she apologized for her bad language.

Farmer leaders said that after the incident, Kangana's statement regarding growing terrorism and Khalistan in Punjab and her sister's statement after the incident is part of BJP and Narendra Modi's politics of polarization to create hatred between religious communities

Demanding a case against Kangana Ranaut based on these statements, the farmer leaders said that the BJP should stop Kangana from spreading hatred.

The farmer leaders clearly said that the organization would not allow injustice to Kulwinder Kaur and her family.

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