New 'Naagin' dance by Cyberabad police, this time in Kothur

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  29 Feb 2020 7:52 AM GMT
New Naagin dance by Cyberabad police, this time in Kothur

Hyderabad: The old but famous ‘Naagin’ music track seems to have become a favourite of Cyberabad police. Even as the memories of Shadnagar police Circle Inspector dancing to the 'Naagin' tune remain fresh, another similar incident has come out on February 29. The videos of the police personnel from Kothur police station, under Cyberabad commissionerate dancing to the same tune, have now gone viral on social media platforms. While the videos of Shadnagar incident showed the cops only dancing to the tunes and cheering other members, the videos of the incident at Kothur police station showed policemen in plain clothes, in an inebriated condition, while dancing to the music.

According to sources, the police officers from Kothur police station of Shamshabad zone of Cyberabad had organised a get-together at a private real estate venture located in Farooq Nagar Mandal. A good number of policemen had gathered at the open plot in their cars. In the videos that have now gone viral, they are seen dancing to the same Naagin music, being played from the music system in one of the cars. As they danced, they were seen holding beer bottles and splashing beer on each other. The officers were also seen rolling on the ground depicting the snake dance.

While doubts remain as to who leaked the video, it is suspected that some of them, who purposefully kept themselves away from the alcohol and dancing, shot the videos and circulated them. While police are now in the process of identifying this black sheep, other reports allege that thie video leak is due to group politics among the police personnel. Sources in the know of the incidents confirmed that an inquiry will be ordered and all persons involved will face disciplinary action.

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