No headway in IBM staffer, family's suicide case

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  2 March 2020 10:44 AM GMT
No headway in IBM staffer, familys suicide case

Hyderabad: Despite a well-paying job and financially secure family background, IBM employee Korra Pradeep was ambitious in life. To fulfill his dreams and to make his children’s lives more better he floated a business by investing all his earnings.

But the business did not perform to his expectations and he suffered losses, leaving him heart-broken. Adding to the discomfiture all his creditors started demanding return of the loans.

However, hope was perhaps there had he shared his problem with his parents or in-laws, neither of whom was aware of his financial distress. They are now wondering if his wife Swati was aware of the situation.

Both families said they are not at all aware of any financial constraints their children had. The debts whatever he had, are not huge, given their family's financial position. Though they do not suspect any foul play, the incident had left them devastated. Being in a good position and ambitious, how Pradeep could have taken this step is the question every family member is wondering.

It is suspected that Pradeep after giving poison to his wife and children and made sure they are dead, consumed poison himself. In the suicide note addressed to his parents, Pradeep wrote that due to their problems, he did not want to burden them.

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