Hyderabad: A 132-year-old clothing store in Hyderabad, Maqdoom Brothers, has found a novel way to encourage people to wear face masks. They have installed a 10-feet mannequin in a suit that is made entirely of face masks.

The 'Mask Maharaja' and the mask outfit cost Rs. 3 lakhs, the brothers said.

The store located at Madina has attracted many visitors with its novel initiative. According to the brothers, this is an effort to portray the importance of wearing face masks to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. The brothers Abid, Hamid, and Faiz want to make people aware that masks not only protect us but also those around us, in case we are unknowingly infected with the virus.

Abid Mohiuddin, one of the three brothers of the store, said it is the world's tallest mannequin dressed in a blazer and a trouser that were made using 250 medical masks.

Another brother, Faiz Mohiuddin, said wearing a mask and maintaining physical distance is the only preventive measures to protect ourselves from the dreaded coronavirus. "What could be the best way to make our visitors, customers, and hundreds and thousands of the local people who pass by as well as tourists realise the importance of mask than by setting up a giant mannequin."

He added, "When visitors to the store and passers-by see the mannequin and the giant size suit, they should be inspired to wear masks." All mannequins at the Maqdoom Bro. store also wear masks.

When asked why they were doing this when the COVID-19 vaccine was just around the corner, one of the brothers said, "Shops were closed till the end of June. Customers were not visiting the stores till the end of August. We could see footfall around September but then people started talking about the second wave. That is when we thought that as responsible citizens and socially-conscious corporate citizens, we must do something and came up with this unique idea."

He further said that experts are suggesting that people should wear masks even after they are vaccinated. "That is why we have come out with this unique giant mannequin. We got the mannequin made especially for this purpose," said Faiz Mohiuddin.

To encourage people to wear masks, the brothers even started offering discounts to customers who wear masks. "We have also been distributing masks to people who did not have one. This initiative was also well-received," the brothers said.

They added, "Our message is simple. Your mask protects you and also protects others. Others' masks protect them and you. So, it is simple. I wear a mask to protect you and you wear a mask to protect me."

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