Hyderabad: Ghoonghat Ki Aad Se Dilbar Ka Deedar Audhara Rehta hain…Jab Tak Na Mile Nazaroon Se Nazar Ikrar Audhara Rehta ha.

This hit song of Aamir Khan-starrrer Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke has finally come alive in real life. Humble 'Ghoonghat', a stole used to cover the face of a woman in India, has made it to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), 2021.

Considered as part of the Indian tradition especially followed by married women, the Oxford English Dictionary has defined Ghoonghat as "the practice observed by some married (chiefly Hindu) women of wearing a covering over the head or face. This is the first time the word is making an appearance in the dictionary.

This is the only Indian word that has made it to the book in the second quarter of 2021 new editions.

Oxford English Dictionary added 837 new words and senses to the 'definitive record' in September 2021. Many interesting words used in our regular dial

With the growing aversion to vaccines by certain groups across the world, the dictionary has now given it a meaning, the Anti-vax or Anti Vaxxer is "a person opposed to vaccination or anti-vaxxer.

Many other words have also made it to the OED. These include belly dance – to perform or engage in belly dance, foul mouth– to abuse (a person) verbally; to insult, disparage, or slander (someone), livestreaming , the action or process of broadcasting an event, etc., live over the internet (Also as a modifier, as in livestreaming app, livestreaming platform),

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