Hyderabad: A 13-year-old city boy, A.S. Hariharan Naidu, attempted to clinch a unique record, by playing 20 songs on the keyboard in 30 minutes blindfolded. Hariharan has been learning the keyboard since Class 3. He has finished his fifth grade of the Trinity College of music examinations, London. He had also started a YouTube channel called Chill with Hariharan four months ago to pass time during the lockdown.

He had been posting covers of songs that he plays on the keyboard blindfold on his channel. He had also started a 'Corona Vlog' to document his life as a student during the pandemic. On 29th December, Hariharan set a record in the wonder book of records for playing 20 songs in 30 minutes on keyboard, blindfolded.

Apart from practising music, Hariharan is also a chess and hockey player and has been selected for the ICSE games. He also loves solving the Rubik's Cube in less time say a minute. He is planning to set a record in the Wonder Book of Records and India Book of Records soon with his skills.

"We all need to stay young at heart. We want the best for our son," said A.J.S. Rajendra Kumar and Aruna Tumma, the proud parents of Hariharan.

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