Sircilla: In a strange case, a man approached the police in Rajanna Siricilla district seeking action against the driver of a tractor that ran over his chicken, killing it.

The owner of the hen, G. Raju, demanded compensation from the tractor driver Dileep Rao who refused to pay. Raju then decided to lodge a police complaint.

According to reports, Raju is from Bandapalli village under Chandurthi mandal. He had a flock of around 20 chickens. A few days ago, 19 of them died suddenly due to some health issue and only one remained. On Tuesday, the chicken was on the road when Dileep ran over it with his tractor.

Raju got to know of the incident and went to Dileep and demanded that he pay compensation for killing his chicken. The two got into an argument following which Raju went to the Chandurthi police station and lodged a complaint against Dileep. The police, however, have not registered a case.

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