Hyderabad: The Andhra Pradesh government has taken several preventive measures, like strengthening of surveillance, for prevention, containment, and control of COVID-19. It is also following the “No to Panic, Yes to Precautions” strategy to prevent the spread of the virus. So far, the state has registered seven positive cases of Coronavirus.

Following this, all passengers, both domestic and international, are being screened at Vizag airport and seaports. A total of 12,082 passengers and crew have been screened at the ports of entry and 9,867 people have been screened at the Visakhapatnam airport, A total of 1,379 people have been screened at the Visakhapatnam and Gangavaram port and 836 have been screened at the Krishnapatnam airport.

Of the 14,038 people who have returned to AP from foreign countries, 2,426 have completed 28-days observation, 11,526 are under home quarantine, and 86 have been admitted to hospital. Meanwhile, 220 samples have been tested, of which seven were positive, 168 negative, and results are awaited for 45 samples.

As a preventive measure, the government has shut down schools, colleges, and coaching centres and employees of private organisations have been encouraged to work from home. Restaurants have been advised to ensure handwashing protocols are followed and a distance of one meter between tables is maintained. The government has also appealed to the public to postpone all cultural events and avoid non-essential travel. People above 65 years and children below 10 years have been advised to stay indoors. The 104 and COVID-19 helpline have received 2,233 calls.

West Godavari district has the highest number of foreign returnees, 3,057, and also the highest number of people who completed the 28-day observation, 902. The district reported the highest number of people under home isolation, 2,152, while Visakhapatnam reported the most number of people hospitalised within the last 12 hours, 18. To date, 23 people have been hospitalised in Vizag. Sixty-five samples were tested in Visakhapatnam, of which three tested positive, 43 negative, and tests are awaited for 19 samples.

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One comment on "Coronavirus: Over 14,000 foreign returnees in AP, highest number from West Godavari"

  • Dear media screen test is not only for in coming people from foreign countries. Test Should be necessary to each and every one in India. If any case will be registered against Covid-19, Medical team on the spot shall be take him to their control and shift them for away from normal people. Government shall select a secret place to C-19 infected people for quality treatment. Now Government what is doing, Curfew ordered to all people but they don’t have educated about this C-19 virus. How many government medical teams are there in India? Honorable President Modi should be take a decision about better way as, in village range wise should be arrange a Doctor with three assistants along with Covid-19 test equipment. Now you can test for every house to find out virus infected people, in emergency basis Government should be shut down all unnecessary TV Shows, you have to give permission run only for Covid-19 awareness programmes. Indian government should be call volunteer people to help for village wise Doctors team. C-19 anty virus dress should be prepare and arrange for all them. PM’s not only fight for C-19, it’s over all Indians fight against C-19. When village range wise you have to care of this C-19 test, then you will be solve C-19 problems. First of all change our Government attitude to how to take step about healthy side. And awareness will be automatically people have learn from situvation. LOCKDOWN is better in this limited period, but test and treatment should be started by village level for stop of C-19 virus. This process is not enough to control Covid-19. Medical intelligents should be forward to the people to control the virus improvement in environment. Doctors are giving instruction to the people only from Hospitals. Government will control people by only 144 section and arrests. Virus Infected unknown people while in breathing time virus will be spread to surrounds of the environment automatically. Person to Person checkup is mandatory by remote areas wise. Please follow logical way with mind not only orders. This is for your kind information.

    With regards,
    P. Suneelbabu

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