People defying lockdown orders made to sweep roads in Shadnagar

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  30 March 2020 4:56 AM GMT
People defying lockdown orders made to sweep roads in Shadnagar

Hyderabad: Though the government has ordered people not to venture out of their homes and stay inside to prevent the spread of the Corona virus, many have not been paying heed. There have been numerous cases of people violating home quarantine rules and coming out on to the roads. There have also been reports of police beating those who flout the rules.

While the number of people violating quarantine orders is decreasing day by day, there are still some coming out of their homes. The Telangana state police have found new and different ways to punish those defying the lockdown orders which include chasing them with lathis, making them walk on their knees, turning their shirts/t-shirts into masks, and making them do sit-ups.

On 29 March in Hyderabad's Shadnagar, the police found another way to teach the violators a lesson. The cops brought broomsticks and made all those who defied the government orders sweep the roads while at the same time making sure they followed the social distancing protocol. They were first made to do sit-ups and then were handed broomsticks to clean the roads.

Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao had earlier said if people don't follow the lockdown orders he will be forced to give "shoot at sight" orders and deploy the Army. Following this, fewer people had come out of their homes. For those who did come out the cops found ways to teach them a lesson.

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