Plaint against Deloitte for forcing work beyond 48 hours per week

By Anusha Puppala  Published on  14 March 2020 4:06 AM GMT
Plaint against Deloitte for forcing work beyond 48 hours per week

Hyderabad: A corporate employee from Hyderabad has approached Telangana Labour Commissioner against Deloitte Tax Services India Private Limited for forcing workers to work for more than 48 hours a week without additional wages.

Srinivas (name changed) complained on behalf of the National Confederation Union (NCU) for IT/ITES workers in India.

In his complaint, he alleged that Deloitte Tax Services India Private Limited is not following general working hours as per the government rules and forcing workers to work for a minimum of 12 hours a day.

Srinivas also alleged that the employees are politely following the orders, but the company is not paying them for additional working hours. He said those employees who demand compensation are being ill-treated.

“Deloitte sends official communication to employees and ask them to achieve client hour goals. Team managers give instructions either orally or through email to members to report time within certain limits. For example, if an employee is spending three hours, managers will pressurize him to report only 2.5 hours”, he said.

Srinivas said employees spend additional hours meeting the daily client hour goal. “If someone complains, managers give negative ratings which affect their bonus and hike. I have seen team members being removed for complaining. They have been moved out and given projects that they are not acquainted with, in a bid to force them to quit," he said

He said employees are scared to ask for money because they fear for their jobs. “Employees are scared to file a case against Deloitte as they feel they might not get a job in other finance companies. I have requested the Labour Commissioner to order inquiry and ensure the company pays additional money for extra hours, “he said.

Sai Teja, Vice President of Forum Against Corruption(FAC), who guided Srinivas in filing the complaint told Newsmeter that almost all the companies are exploiting the employees by violating the rules.

"In the event of employee's resignation, the notice period should be only 15 days u/s 47 (2) of the act. But hardly any company abides by the rules. Under section 16 of the act, the employee cannot work for 48 hours in a week", he said.

Seshu Babu, General Secretary NCU, Telangana, said the company is even forcing the workers to submit their resignations which are against the Indian labour laws and natural justice.

The Association has now requested the Labour department to intervene and direct the company not to follow anti-worker policies.

Speaking to Newsmeter, A Deloitte spokesperson said, “Deloitte has complied with the law in letter and spirit and there is no merit in the allegations made.”

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