ABVP activists obstruct KTR's convoy in Warangal

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  12 April 2021 12:45 PM GMT
ABVP activists obstruct KTRs convoy in Warangal

Warangal urban: IT Minister K.T. Rama Rao's convoy was obstructed by ABVP activists on Monday while he was touring Warangal. ABVP activists crossed police barricades and protested on the road in front of the minister's convoy at Pochamma Maidan junction demanding that the state fill up all jobs in the government sectors and resolve issues in state universities. They laid down on the road and raised slogans against the TRS government and the minister.

When police tried to take them away a scuffle ensued. The convoy was delayed by about 15 minutes before the way was cleared. Several opposition party leaders, as well as student union leaders, were put under house arrest and some were taken into preventive custody early on Monday in view of KTR's visit.

Bhartiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) Warangal urban district president Siddam Naresh Patel said that police forcefully entered his house in the early hours of Monday and took him away. "By feeling insecure in the presence of opposition parties, the ruling TRS party has accepted its incompetence. The days of KCR rule are now numbered," Naresh said. BJP Warangal urban district president Rao Padma was also arrested by the police.

Kakatiya University student union JAC chairman Thirupathi Yadav said that despite several appeals to the public representatives regarding the problems of the students in the universities, there has been no response from the state. In addition, the police are harassing them with arrests.

"We fought for Telangana statehood so that we will get jobs and our future generations would lead a better life. However, our lives have not changed. The TRS government promised unemployment allowance but has not implemented it yet. We will continue to obstruct the TRS and its leaders," he said.

Warangal will develop as futuristic city: KTR

Following the high drama, the minister held a meeting in Warangal and claimed that the city would soon take shape as a futuristic city with the help of major projects like Metro Neo, Bhadrakali Geo-Biodiversity Park, and several others taken up by the TRS government.

He said Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao has a special plan of action for the development of Warangal and it will be executed at any cost. KTR was in Warangal to inaugurate and lay the foundation stones for several development projects across the city. As part of the tour, he addressed a public meeting at the Khila Warangal.

"Such a remarkable change in Warangal city was possible only because the Chief Minister loves the people of Warangal and has allotted required funds for the city. Even the promise of providing daily drinking water to every household has been fulfilled today," he said.

Criticizing the Central government for denying Warangal a wagon factory, he said it affected the employment aspirations of the local youth. "My queries regarding this resulted in abuses from the BJP activists but they never gave an answer. The coach factory in Latur in Maharastra was announced in 2018 and has been completed already but what was promised to Telangana in 2014 has not been given till date," he said.

The BJP promised 'ache din' and asked everyone to open a Jan Dhan account promising to credit Rs. 15 lakh each which has remained a ruse to this day, KTR said, adding the prices of fuel, gas, and even fertilizers have been hiked. "If you ask them about this, they say it is for the benefit of the country," KTR added.

Since its formation, Telangana gave Rs. 2,73,000 lakh crores to the Centre in the form of various taxes. However, what the state got in return was only Rs. 1.4lakh crores. The BJP leaders, including Home minister Amit Shah, are deceiving the people of the state claiming that it was the Central government that is providing the funds for the development schemes, the minister said.

Referring to the upcoming GWMC elections, KTR appealed to the people to vote for the TRS keeping in mind the change it has brought to the lives of the people of Telangana.

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