Bandi Sanjay questions KCR's role in foiled defection, bribery scandal

He added, “We are publishing this charge sheet to bring into light the failures of the KCR government.”

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  27 Oct 2022 10:38 AM GMT
Bandi Sanjay questions KCRs role in foiled defection, bribery scandal

Hyderabad: In view of the upcoming Munugode by-elections, BJP MPs Bandi Sanjay Kumar and Dharmapuri Aravind held a press meeting at Munugode and released a charge sheet against TRS.

Bandi Sanjay alleged that there has been no development in the state, especially in Munugode. "We all know why we are facing yet another by-election today. It is because of the failure of the state government. They only care about the constituency when an election is there."

He added, "We are publishing this charge sheet to bring into light the failures of the KCR government."

Speaking about the FIR filed against BJP members following allegations that they tried to bribe TRS MLAs to join their party, Bandi Sanjay alleged that KCR orchestrated the whole plan.

The Cyberabad police busted an alleged "defection" attempt in which three persons, including a religious man, tried to "lure" four TRS MLAs to leave the party. On Thursday night, the police carried out a surprise "search" at a farmhouse located in Aziz Nagar-Moinabad. The search was based on a tip-off received from TRS MLAs that some persons have been luring four MLAs to leave the TRS party.

Bandi Sanjay questioned, "Do you have the guts to fully release CCTV footage of the last 3-4 days in Deccan Kitchen Hotel?" He added, "TRS leaders have been staying there for three days. The accused MLA goes to Pragathi Bhavan every morning and stays till night. Release Pragati Bhavan's CCTV footage and let the facts come out."

The BJP leader further questioned, "Why were the statements of MLAs not recorded? Why weren't they taken to the police station but left at Pragathi Bhavan? The key role of the police officer in this drama will be exposed. In the past, this police officer has shown zeal in a false murder attempt on the minister."

He demanded that the call history of the Hyderabad commissioner of police be made public and said even the CM's Pragathi Bhavan call history should be made public. "We will approach the court. We have trust in the courts. All of this drama will be exposed," he said.

He further asked, "They say they found the bag full of money. Why aren't they showing it to the public?"

Throwing a challenge to the CM, Bandi Sanjay said, "KCR, if you haven't scripted this, come to Yadadri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temple and swear to God."

'We approach leaders of caliber through our joining committee'

BJP MP Aravind Dharmapuri, meanwhile, questioned the state government on the progress and development of the state. "Do we have any agriculture-based industry in our state? Have you implemented the Fasal Bheema Yojna in the state?" he asked, adding, "Here, in Munugode, half of the voters are dependent on agriculture."

On unemployment, he said, "There are 91,000 jobs, but there haven't been any notifications for these jobs. KCR even promised an unemployment pension. Did he deliver that? Answer these questions first."

He accused KCR of distributing alcohol and biryani in Munugode while the students of IIIT were eating insect-infested food.

The Nizamabad MP further questioned the lack of facilities in educational institutions and hospitals.

About the allegation that BJP tried to lure TRS MLAs, he said, "We will approach the leaders of caliber through our joining committee. Why will we go behind their backs? Coming to the MLAs mentioned, no one wants to see those MLAs. In fact, I'm requesting them not to join the BJP."

Foiled defection plan

Three BJP members have been detained for allegedly paying and persuading TRS party employees to join the saffron party in Telangana. A case has been filed against them at Moinabad police station under Criminal Procedure Code sections 154 and 157.

The three were apprehended on Wednesday during a police search at TRS MLA Rohit Reddy's property in Aziz Nagar, near Moinabad.

The police have opened an investigation after TRS MLA from Tandur Constituency Pilot Rohit Reddy made a formal complaint.

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