BJP MLA Raja Singh 'habitual offender', book him under PD Act: Cong

The Congress leader said Raja Singh should be treated as a “habitual offender” as he had made several statements in the past hurting the sentiments of the Muslim community.

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  23 Aug 2022 1:54 PM GMT
BJP MLA Raja Singh habitual offender, book him under PD Act: Cong

Hyderabad: The BJP on 23 August suspended Goshamahal MLA Raja Singh and issued a show cause notice after he made derogatory remarks against Prophet Muhammad. Many, however, see the notice as a BJP's appeasement policy. They claim that this move shows that repercussions from Gulf countries and their impact on the economy are a huge concern for the BJP.

Sriram Bhupathiraju, an independent social researcher, said, "After the Nupur Sharma incident, the BJP learnt that these types of blasphemous videos lead to a backlash. The world is flattening and diametric views to liberal inclusive democracies will be held responsible."

He added, "If we follow this hate agenda unhindered, I won't be surprised if the European Union would at some point strain the India-EU relationship."

Fazil Hussain, a senior Urdu journalist, said the BJP is playing a dual policy. "First, they create an atmosphere of hate. After that, they create hope in their leaders to be recognised for their anti-Muslim propaganda. How is one to look at their show cause notice? Has action been taken against Nupur Sharma? Will action be taken against Raja Singh? He will become more popular in the state as there is another machinery at work garnering sympathy for him," he said.

The show cause notice is being considered an eyewash by many to guard the image of the country.

Al Hamd Charitable Trust chairman and senior management professional Abdul Azeem said, "The BJP is happy that more polarization is being achieved in the country. They have Telangana Chief Minister KCR on the back foot. If he keeps quiet, he loses Muslim support. If he acts smartly and firmly, he risks being terms as an appeaser of Muslims."

He noted, "Gulf countries cannot boycott Indian business and they are largely dependent on Indian manpower and also reasonable trade pacts. As much as India needs oil, the Gulf countries also need India as a customer."

There is a demand for justice and severe punishment for such acts.

Mushtaq Malik, the president of Tehreek Muslim Shabban, said it has now become BJP's policy to take no action. "This is now the policy of the BJP. There will be a show cause notice issued but no action taken. We are going to appeal to the Telangana government to disqualify Raja Singh as a Member of the Legislative Assembly. We are going to legally fight this battle now."

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