Congress criticises KCR, Owaisi ‘question-answer drama’ in Assembly

Shaik Abdullah Sohail emphasised that the real problems of minorities are not being addressed, and the Assembly sessions merely present a show of false claims and political drama

By KANIZA GARARI  Published on  7 Aug 2023 11:18 AM GMT
Congress leader Shaik Abdullah Sohail criticises KCR, Owaisi ‘question-answer drama’ in Assembly

Hyderabad: The Congress party accused the ruling BRS party and its ally AIMIM of misusing the Legislative Assembly to deceive minority communities ahead of the next elections.

Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) Minorities Department chairman Shaik Abdullah Sohail on Monday, said that chief minister K Chandrashekar Rao and MIM floor leader Akbaruddin Owaisi have been engaging in a “question-answer drama” to falsely claim their commitment to minority welfare.

He pointed out that Owaisi has been repeating the same questions for the past nine years, while CM KCR has responded with empty assurances and false promises each time, without addressing the real issues faced by minorities.

Sohail further accused the All India Majlis-E-Ittehadul Muslimeen MLAs of not holding the BRS government accountable for its failures in releasing funds and implementing welfare schemes meant for minorities. He also criticised other BRS leaders, including IT minister KT Rama Rao, for giving fake assurances and not taking concrete actions to resolve pending issues.

‘Assembly has become a platform for elections’

The Congress leader claimed that the Bharat Rashtra Samithi and AIMIM have turned the Legislative Assembly into an election platform, where they strategically exchange questions and answers to benefit each other’s electoral prospects.

He emphasised that the real problems of minorities are not being addressed, and the Assembly sessions merely present a show of false claims and political drama. He said that the BRS government should have been transparent in presenting details of the funds allocated for minority welfare, their utilisation, and the schemes implemented during the last nine years.

He pointed out that many welfare schemes had been delayed or stalled due to budgetary constraints, but the government’s responses in the Assembly gave the impression that all issues were resolved.

The Congress leader said that several issues related to the development of the Old City were raised in the Assembly many times in the last nine years with no substantial action taken by the government. He questioned the timing of announcements, such as the establishment of an IT Tower in Pahadi Sharif, suspecting a step up before the coming elections behind the move.

2014 election promises

Sohail claimed that a number of promises made by the BRS party before the 2014 elections had gone unfulfilled or incomplete. A list in this aspect, released by the Congress leader, includes:

- BRS pledge to shift Chanchalguda Jail and Race Course in Malakpet from Old City. Those lands were supposed to be converted to educational hubs, said Sohail.

- BRS promised an IT Park at Pahadi Sharif six months before the Assembly Elections. Where is it, asked Sohail.

- BRS had agreed to form a committee to identify Wakf lands. But it is too late to make that decision, he said.

- Sohail said that BRS’ promise to introduce educational schemes and minority student scholarships has not been fulfilled.

- Sohail asked the BRS to explain why the representation of minorities in the Public Service Commission was neglected until election time.

Congress criticises KTR

Sohail condemned the actions of IT minister KT Rama Rao for allegedly misleading ‘the family members of the victim of a terrorist incident.’ He accused KTR of making false promises of a government job for the widow of Syed Saifuddin, who was killed in the Jaipur-Mumbai train attack.

“The job offer turned out to be an outsourcing job, which lacks the stability of a regular government job and does not address the real concerns of the victim’s family. Further, the job has been offered by the Quli Qutub Shah Urban Development Authority (QQSUDA), which is a registered society and not a government department,” he said.

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