Congress’ Khamam rally: Seemingly rattled by turnout, BJP, BRS use 'jostling' to signal infighting

The incident occurred during the unveiling of the proposed Cheyutha scheme which led to Congress leader Komattireddy Venkat Reddy pushing Bhatti Vikramarka on the stage.

By KANIZA GARARI  Published on  3 July 2023 8:04 AM GMT
During Congress Khamam meeting, Congress leader Komattireddy Venkat Reddy was seen pushing Bhatti Vikramarka on the stage.

Hyderabad: A jostle between Congress leaders on the stage has given Bharat Rashtra Samithi and Bharatiya Janata Party ammunition to highlight what they call infighting in the party.

The incident occurred during the unveiling of the proposed Cheyutha scheme which led to Congress leader Komattireddy Venkat Reddy pushing Bhatti Vikramarka on the stage.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s Khammam meeting was closely watched and as the jostling took place on the stage, a part of it was circulated.

It’s an edited video

Congress party leaders in Hyderabad rubbished BRS and BJP tirade saying, nothing of that sort happened.

“Check the Youtube video, Komatireddy was pushed due to which he pushed Bhatti. There were so many people on the stage and they ended up pushing each other to come in one frame for the photograph. It was not intentional. The video that is circulating on social media is from the side of Bhatti. It is not the full video,” said a senior party member.

After pushing Bhatti, Komatireddy is seen getting angry at the party worker who pushed him from behind. The incident happened in a few seconds at the end of the Khammam meeting.

BRS and BJP circulate to the hilt

The video of Komatireddy pushing Bhatti is being circulated by the digital media wing of both BRS and BJP. They are signaling an in-fighting in Congress. Congress party leaders refused to comment on any of the insinuations of both the political parties. “They can think and circulate whatever they like,” said a senior leader who didn’t want to be drawn into this unnecessary controversy.

Cheyutha scheme

Rahul Gandhi promised to provide a pension of Rs 4000 as a part of the 'Cheyutha' scheme. Besides elderly, widows, single women, those suffering from disabilities, beedi and handloom workers and victims of AIDS would be provided the scheme.

BRS minister Vemula Prashant Reddy says, "Elections were recently held in Karnataka, why did Rahul Gandhi not announce a pension of Rs 4000 there.? Does Rahul Gandhi know about the actual pension? He is coming to Telangana and reading a script. He has no understanding and knowledge of the state."

BRS counters CM KCR comment

Ministers Vemula Prashanth Reddy, Puwada Ajay Kumar and government whip M S Prabhakar along with MLA's state that Congress leader Rahul Gandhi hitting out at chief minister K Chandrashekar Rao is not justified.

Gandhi said, "Telangana was a dream; a dream of the poor, of the farmers, dream of the labourers, dream of the farmers, but in the past nine years, the dream by crushed by TRS. You dreamt of something and TRS turned it into something else. The Chief Minister believes that he is the king of Telangana and Telangana is his personal fiefdom."

Vemula Prashant Reddy said, "KCR is the king who won 88 seats and has become the CM of the state for the second time while Rahul Gandhi lost his Member of Parliament seat. He is not a monarch, he is ruling the heart of the people with a good mandate. "

BRS leaders stated that they have evidence that the state Congress and BJP leaders worked together in the by-elections in the state. Vemula Prashanth Reddy said, "We have the photos of Etala Rajendra and Revanth Reddy together at a hotel. Both these parties are working together against BRS."

The Khammam meeting saw a gathering of 3 lakh people. This was the first meeting of the Telangana Congress party which made its first poll promise.

Telangana assembly election is scheduled later this year.

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