General Elections 2024: KCR prepares party cadre for fight against BJP

The meeting which started from 2.30 am continued till 6.30 pm.

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  15 Nov 2022 3:48 PM GMT
General Elections 2024: KCR prepares party cadre for fight against BJP

Chief minister K Chandrashekar Rao stated that general elections will take place on time and will not be moved up in a marathon meeting of Telangana Rashtriya Samiti party at Telangana Bhavan.

The meeting which started from 2.30 am continued till 6.30 pm. It was a meeting of all party leaders, MLA's and Members of Parliament to discuss the strategy for 2024 General Elections.

No New MLA's

In a major boost to the morale of the existing MLA's and party cadre, KCR made it clear in the party meeting that the sitting MLA's will be given tickets. In their constituency there will not be any new faces. According to sources, CM KCR took this stand, as there were constant survey's being carried out by the party and that led to people being on the edge.

This clarification, by KCR, is going to boost the morale of the existing MLA's and they will now work diligently, to ensure that their seats are retained.

A senior member of TRS party on condition of anonymity explained, "These steps are being taken as the opposition party Bharatiya Janta Party is trying to lure the MLA's on their side. With the experience of Shiv Sena in Maharashtra, KCR is become alert and he is keen that those who have been with him since last eight years are given confidence that he too will stand with them."

CM KCR has asked all the party members to be prepared for general elections and start working from now at the ground level. "There are only 10 months remaining for general elections and he wants all the ministers and MLA's to come together and work for the party and retain their seats in Telangana. The focus will now be on the ground and ensuring that all the existing members are in touch with the people."

The party is gearing up, by appointing cadre, assembly constituency in-charge and also members who can give feedback on the methods being used by other political parties to divert attention of the people from main issues.

Survey polls favour TRS

KCR asked every MLA to interact with people and make them aware of the welfare schemes of the state government. The TRS chief further claimed that the survey polls favor the party and that they will definitely come to power with a strong election plan like the last one.

Kavitha was approached by BJP

KCR alleged that BJP had asked his daughter, MLC Kavitha, to join their party. He further advised the MLAs and party cadre not to be afraid of ED raids and face the conspiracies of the BJP with facts.

He also claimed if the center has investigative agencies, so does the state. CM KCR has asked the leaders to be ready for everything and fight with all their might.

"ED has filed many cases in 8 years. But so far, not a single case has been proved," he added.

He further said there might be arrests soon in the MLA poaching case.

Munugode By-elections

Criticizing the BJP's politics, KCR said, "That party's perverse political antics should be ended in Telangana. That's the only party who takes the support of religious frenzies."

The CM questioned, "did BJP distribute prasad in Munugode? all they did was rowdyism."

Congress and Rahul Gandhi

Speaking about Rahul Gandhi and the Bharat Jodo Yatra, he said the congress chapter has ended in the state. He further questioned why Rahul Gandhi is not doing Bharat Jodo Yatra in Gujarat despite the state entering polls.

Welfare Schemes and election campaign

CM ordered the MLAs that the selection of beneficiaries for Dalit Bandhu should be completed at the rate of 500 families per constituency and said that the Podu land issue would be resolved soon, 11.5 lakh acres of land in the state to get a permanent settlement. He has asked the MLAs to prepare lists of people without a home for whom three lakhs would be sanctioned.

He asked the MLAs to organize 'Atmeya sammelan' in their respective constituencies and the ministers to attend them.

KCR also said he would soon visit all the districts and asked the MLAs to prepare a development report card for each constituency.

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