It will be people of Kamareddy Vs KCR family in next election: Congress’ Shabbir Ali

Shabbir Ali said that KCR should apologize to Kamareddy's people for neglecting them over the past decade

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  24 Aug 2023 2:57 AM GMT
It will be people of Kamareddy Vs KCR family in next election: Congress’ Shabbir Ali

Kamareddy: Congress leader Mohammed Ali Shabbir claimed that he would register a historic victory from the Kamareddy constituency against Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao in the next Assembly elections.

Shabbir Ali said hundreds of villagers and prominent Congress leaders from the district met him and expressed their support. Various caste groups from Janagama village of Bibipet Mandal and Domakonda Mandal center, as well as Mudiraj Sangham leaders from Palvancha Mandal center, expressed their support. They said that they would support Shabbir Ali in defeating KCR.

Speaking on the occasion, Shabbir Ali said KCR's decision to contest from both Kamareddy and Gajwel gave people a chance to make him lose twice. "KCR let down the people of Telangana during two terms. He didn't keep his election promises and took advantage of different groups. So, he deserves not just one defeat, but two defeats and embarrassment. Luckily, KCR himself created this opportunity by letting people reject him in Gajwel and Kamareddy," he stated.

Shabbir Ali said that KCR should apologize to Kamareddy's people for neglecting them over the past decade. He pointed out that under the Dalit Bandu scheme, all families in KCR’s native Chintamadaka were given Rs. 10 lakh assistance. Similarly, he said KCR should not enter Kamareddy before giving Rs. 10 lakh assistance to families in Konapur village of Bibipet Mandal, which he claims to be his parent’s native village.

Shabbir Ali expressed disappointment that the Mudiraj community was overlooked by KCR. He highlighted that none of the 115 BRS candidates were from the Mudiraj community. He portrayed the upcoming elections as a battle between KCR's family and the people of Kamareddy.

He demanded that KCR fulfill his previous promise to provide irrigation water on 1.50 lakh acres to Kamareddy's farmers. He also urged KCR to allocate Rs. 5,000 crore to complete Packages 21 & 22 of the Kaleswaram (Pranahita Chevella) project. He called for the cancellation of the Kamareddy Master Plan and the provision of Rs. 50 lakhs to families affected by the Master Plan agitation.

Shabbir Ali requested an investigation into the alleged misappropriation of Rs. 120 crore funds in the construction of the Collector's office and other projects. He said of more than 24,000 applications received for double bedrooms, only 1,500 2BHK units were constructed. They too were in a dilapidated condition. He said 2 BHK units should be distributed to all 24,000 applicants. He stated that KCR should not enter Kamareddy before fulfilling these promises.

Shabbir Ali said that the list of BRS candidates released by CM KCR was a sign of fear of a humiliating defeat in the coming elections. By repeating almost all candidates for the third time, KCR is trying to give the wrong impression that there was no anti-incumbency against his government. However, he said many BRS MLAs were not in a position to enter villages due to their non-performance. Many BRS MLAs had not performed well and had received tickets because no other strong candidate wanted to take the risk of contesting on a BRS ticket.

"KCR is habitual of changing the constituencies because he never remains accessible to people after winning the election. Not a single voter from Gajwel was able to meet KCR for his problems in the last 9 years. Subsequently, the people of Gajwel had already decided to defeat him in the coming elections. Out of fear, he is contesting from both Gajwel and Kamareddy. But the people of Kamareddy too have made up their mind to teach KCR a fitting lesson," he said.

Shabbir Ali said it would not be easier for KCR to defeat a 'Kamareddy Bidda' (son of Kamareddy) in his own 'Adda'. "I was born and brought up in Kamareddy. The people of Kamareddy elected me as MLA in 1989 and 2004 and both times I became a minister. I was elected as MLC and also served as the Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council. Even KCR, in the council, has admitted to my contribution to the development of Kamareddy including the achievement of constructing a water grid to get safe drinking water. Unlike KCR, I'm not a nomad who ventures into new areas in search of green pastures. I stayed with my people even after losing the elections. I did not change my constituency or ever thought of doing so. Because the people of Kamareddy do not ignore their own people. KCR will learn about this in the coming elections," he said.

The Congress leader announced that he would intensify his campaign in Kamareddy in the coming days. He reiterated confidence that he would register a landmark victory from Kamareddy in the forthcoming election.

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