KCR accepted defeat, says Revanth; claims two-third majority for Congress in polls

Reddy said that the fear of defeat was evident in KCR's voice and his actions.

By Nikisha Uddagiri  Published on  21 Aug 2023 3:33 PM GMT
KCR accepted defeat, says Revanth; claims two-third majority for Congress in polls

Hyderabad: The Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) president, Revanth Reddy on Monday, said that chief minister K Chandrashekar Rao has accepted defeat.

Reddy said that the fear of defeat was evident in KCR’s voice and his actions. He said this is evident from the fact that he did not give tickets to all the sitting MLAs, and he is contesting from two seats. Reddy said that it is certain that KCR will lose in both Gajwel and Kamareddy seats.

Revanth Reddy said that he has been saying for a long time that KCR is planning to flee to the Kamareddy constituency in the upcoming elections. He said that the Congress party’s list of candidates for the upcoming elections is a sure sign that the party will win with a 2/3 majority.

Reddy also said that KCR changed the positions of sitting MLAs without accepting the Congress party’s challenge to contest against them in their own constituencies. Reddy said that KCR’s decision to contest from two constituencies is an admission of defeat. He said that KCR is afraid of losing, and that is why he is running away from his own constituency.

Revanth also criticised KCR for his decision to contest from Kamareddy, which is a minority-dominated constituency. He said that this is an insult to minorities and that they will not forgive KCR for this.

‘Loan waiver a betrayal of voters’

Reddy also accused KCR of playing a clever trick in the name of a loan waiver. He said that KCR has only waived loans up to Rs 99,999, which has saved the government Rs 11,000 crores. Reddy said that this is a betrayal of the farmers and that the Congress party will waive all loans if it comes to power.

Reddy also said that the Congress party increased the pension amount from Rs 75 to Rs 200, while the KCR government has not done anything for the poor.

‘Congress electrified all villages’

Revanth Reddy pointed out that the Congress party built several important infrastructure projects, including the Nagarjuna Sagar Dam, which provides irrigation and drinking water to millions of people in Telangana. He also said that the Congress party electrified all villages in the state and built the Outer Ring Road and metro system in Hyderabad.

Reddy accused KCR of building the metro around the ORR to increase the value of land, rather than to benefit the poor. He also said that KCR was involved in every decision made before 2014 and that if those decisions were wrong, then KCR is also to blame.

‘Take oath not to distribute money or liquor’

Reddy also challenged KCR to take an oath that he will not distribute money or liquor to voters and said that the Congress party is ready to take a similar oath at the Martyrs Stupa. He also criticised KCR for insulting the family of martyr Srikanta Chari at a recent public meeting.

Massive entries into Congress

A group of BRS leaders from Bansuwada, Wardhannapet, and Mudhol constituencies joined the Congress Party on Monday in the presence of TPCC president Revanth Reddy.

The leaders, who include District Distribution Committee chairman Venkat Reddy of Bansuwada Constituency, former Market Committee director Bhagareddy, Sarpanchs Sainath of Muthol Constituency, Raju, MPTC Devdas, and many ward members and leaders activists of Ainavolu Mandal of Wardhannapet Constituency, pledged to work towards the defeat of the KCR government and the establishment of an ‘Indiramma rule’ in Telangana.

Addressing the new members, Revanth Reddy said that they should go to every village and knock on every door to take the failures of the BRS government to the people. He called on them to move forward with the slogan ‘Tiragabadam Tarimikodadam’ (Let’s revolt and overthrow them).

Reddy promised that the Congress government if elected, would waive off Rs 2 lakhs of loans for farmers, provide Rs 5 lakhs to every poor person to build a house, and bear medical expenses up to Rs 5 lakhs through the Arogyashree scheme. He also promised to fill 2 lakh government jobs within a year of coming to power and provide gas cylinders for Rs 500 lakhs.

BRS leader counters Revanth’s claims

In response to Revanth Reddy’s comments, BRS senior leader, Prof Dasoju Srravan took it to Twitter and said, “With faith in his people and confidence in his rule, Chief Minister KCR has re-nominated 95% of the sitting MLAs. This shows that he is confident of winning the next election and continuing his good work for the people of Telangana.”

“The Congress Party, led by Revanth Reddy, who had challenged KCR to give seats to the sitting MLAs, is now left with no words. He had made a lot of noise about giving seats to the sitting MLAs, but now he has been proven wrong,” said Dasoju Srravan.

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