'Land loot': Congress launches frontal attack on KCR family

Revanth Reddy said the KCR family has paid Rs. 17 crore for Rs. 100 crore property

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  13 April 2023 6:51 AM GMT
Land loot: Congress launches frontal attack on KCR family

Telangana: Congress leader Revanth Reddy accused the KCR family of buying Rs 100 crore property for Rs 17 crore by misusing its power and authority.

“KCR family will sacrifice Hyderabad for their selfishness? The city of Hyderabad was destroyed during the 9 years of TRS rule. Even Nizam did not create such destruction in Hyderabad," said TPCC president Revanth Reddy.

Revanth Reddy said the KCR family has paid Rs.17 crore for Rs. 100 crore property.

Revanth Reddy said that there are special regulations for construction in Banjara Hills and Jubilee Hills areas. He said that there are also special regulations for construction near KBR Park.

“Since these are elevated places, the airport authority should also take their permission for the construction so as not to obstruct the flights. That is why commercial complexes around the park are fewer. Jubilee Hills and Banjara Hills have a special natural environment and they enforce special regulations for building constructions there. According to them, in Jubilee Hills and Banjara Hills, permission was given for 3-storey for houses and 5-storey for commercial constructions,” he said.

KBR park

KBR Park is considered an Eco-Tourism and Eco-Sensitive Zone. It also has special rules around it. That is why there are very few commercial buildings in the vicinity of KBR Park. He said that only after KCR came, construction around KBR Park increased.

“There was a heritage building belonging to the Nizam Nawabs near the BC Study Circle on the way to the Cancer Hospital from KBR Park. The building was bought by Kurra Srinivasa Rao's firm KS&CS Developers. It was demolished against the rules. Our legislator Sampath Kumar said that when this issue was raised during the debate on the Municipal Act in the Assembly, KCR tried to suppress it. The total area there is 7415 yards. 500 yards of road width are lost leaving 6900 yards. According to the previous rules, 1200 yards of this is a green belt. For the remaining 5800 yards, only 60 thousand square feet should be allowed,” he said.

Land Transfers

He said in 2016, the owner of KS&CS Developers applied for the construction of the building. “Then the TRS leaders threatened and put pressure and 2704 yards of land was written in the name of Namaste Telangana MD and Chairman Damodar Rao. After the government came for the second time in 2019, Srinivasa Rao's property was transferred. As a result, permission was given for 21 floors whereas per the old rules, no permission was given for a 5-storey building,” he said.

Revanth asked how permission was given for 21 floors in 3 thousand yards of land.

He said in the same place, Namaste Telangana MD Damodar Rao was allotted 2704 yards of land. “For this, the organization was given permission to build against the rules. The rules say not to allow more than 5 storeys. But when Namaste Telangana was given land, permission was given to KS and CS Developers to build 4 floors underground, a ground floor, and 16 floors above ground for a total of 21 floors. KCR is the owner of Namaste Telangana. After writing the land, permission was given against the rules. 4,78,825 square feet of construction were allowed. If such permissions are given within 3 thousand yards… what is the environmental condition of the park?” he asked

Revanth said that the 21-story apartment will cause huge traffic problems near KBR Park.

Peacocks in KBR park

Revanth Reddy said that there is a danger to the existence of the national bird peacocks and other birds in the KBR Park due to the gases emanating from the ACs used by the people living in that building.

Revanth Reddy said that permission was not given to the Basavatharakam hospital which is situated on 7 acres in the same area, for more than 3 floors.

Revanth Reddy alleged that 2,704 yards of land worth Rs. 100 crores was sold for Rs 17 crores. “Not Rs 17 crores, if I give Rs 40 crores, will KCR give that land? Isn't this proof that the lands were written off under threat? Revanth Reddy criticized that the word "robbery" falls flat before KCR's robbery.. a new word should be created in the dictionary for them. He said that he is ready to prove KCR's destruction as a media witness. He said he will take him to the building tomorrow at 11 am and show him,” he said.

"If the truth is told, KTR is indulging in loose talk. He and his father will do this much destruction together?.. If people believe you and put the state in your hands, will you do this much destruction? Traffic in the city is due to issuing permits against the rules in the hope of commissions,” Revanth Reddy said

Revanth alleged that only those who had written 20 percent of the land were allowed to construct, he alleged.

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