Naidu calls hooch deaths 'government murders', blames Jagan's cheap liquor

The TDP chief visited Jangareddygudem in West Godavari and called on the families of those who died after consuming adulterated liquor.

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  15 March 2022 2:36 AM GMT
Naidu calls hooch deaths government murders, blames Jagans cheap liquor

Amaravati: TDP national president and former Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu on Monday said that it was only after Jagan Reddy introduced cheap liquor that poor men were falling victim to illicit liquor. He called the deaths "government murders" and demanded Rs. 1 crore ex-gratia to each bereaved family.

The TDP chief visited Jangareddygudem in West Godavari and called on the families of those who died after consuming adulterated liquor. They reportedly told Mr. Naidu how the breadwinners of their respective families fell fatally ill after consuming illicit liquor that started flowing in their area ever since the YSRCP came to power.

Addressing a meeting, Chandrababu Naidu said Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy should bear responsibility for all the 18 hooch deaths that took place in Jangareddygudem. An ex-gratia of Rs. 1 crore was paid to the families of victims after the LG Polymers gas leak in Visakhapatnam. Similarly, Rs. 1 crore compensation should be paid to each of the bereaved families in Jangareddygudem, he said.

Mr. Naidu said Jagan, in his usual style, began lying about the deaths of illicit liquor victims. He alleged that the YSRCP was portraying these deaths as natural deaths. Once again, the CM has exposed his lack of respect for human lives, the TDP chief added. He warned of a revolt by the women of the state if the YSRCP continued playing games with their lives. Amaravati women farmers fought bravely for over 810 days against the illegal shifting of the capital. Now, the families of the illicit liquor victims will also join the great struggle against the ruthless regime, he added.

Mr. Naidu said the local YSRCP leaders made midnight visits to the victims' families and threatened them if they attended his meeting in Jangareddygudem. Even then, the women bravely came forward and shared their suffering. All these women ask is that other women should not suffer a similar fate. That can be assured only when adulterate liquor is stopped, he said.

The TDP chief asked whether the police were afraid to confront the illicit liquor mafia just because the ruling YSRCP leaders are involved? The TDP will take serious action against such police officers and also against government doctors who are giving false reports about the cause of death. A tribunal will be formed and it will be given powers to even send erring officers to jail, Mr. Naidu said.

Jagan lured the women with false promises in 2019 and cheated them after winning the elections, said Mr. Naidu. "The CM promised phased prohibition at the time of elections but after coming to power, he started promoting liquor sales. The u-turn to take commercial advantage of the Excise policy was highly condemnable," he said. The TDP chief further said the ruling YSRCP was taking a heavy toll on the lives of innocent people by not checking the flow of harmful liquor. The ruling party leaders were involved in making and selling cheap liquor to earn illegal money. The government is selling fatal liquor brands in its shops, he added.

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