On TS formation day, KCR slams Centre's conspiratorial principle of 'Strong Centre, Weak States'

Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao hit out at the Bhartiya Janta Party-led Union government for diluting the powers and functions of the states against the spirit of federalism.

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  2 Jun 2022 10:28 AM GMT
On TS formation day, KCR slams Centres conspiratorial principle of Strong Centre, Weak States

Hyderabad: Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao hit out at the Bhartiya Janta Party-led Union government for diluting the powers and functions of the states against the spirit of federalism.

During the Telangana formation day celebrations on Thursday, KCR said the government currently in power at the Centre is based on the conspiratorial and frivolous principle of "Strong Centre, Weak States" and that's why the violation of the rights of the states has increased during its reign.

KCR said that while many countries overthrew monarchy and dictatorship to adopt parliamentary systems and increased public empowerment by decentralising power, India has moved in the opposite direction. Even after 75 years, decentralisation of powers has not taken place in the country. On the contrary, authoritarian tendencies have increased and power has become more centralised. The federal spirit which should have expanded is shrinking, he said.

The Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) chief said when Telangana was a part of Andhra Pradesh, the united rulers showed discrimination. Now, the Centre was showing the same attitude to the independent Telangana state. "It is unfortunate that the Centre is discouraging the progressive and development-oriented state. The discrimination started from the initial days of the formation of Telangana," he said recalling that even before Telangana celebrated its foundation day, the Centre had merged seven mandals in Khammam district with Andhra Pradesh and as a result, Telangana lost the Sileru Power Project.

'India besieged by politics of hate'

Stating that India is in a "dangerous situation and is besieged by politics of hate," KCR said that while other countries were becoming superpowers, India was "still fighting over caste and religious differences."

"If the destructive elements are allowed to have their say, the unity of the country will suffer. If the same violence continues, there will not be any international investment. It will prove detrimental to the NRIs living abroad. This hatred will take the country back hundreds of years. It won't be a surprise that the country will take another 100 years to recover from this terrible situation," he added.

'Centre trying to weaken the states'

He also alleged that the Narendra Modi government at the Centre is conspiring to weaken the states financially. KCR said the Central government is shifting taxes in the form of cess to deprive the states of the constitutionally due share from the taxes levied by the Centre.

KCR alleged that the Centre is imposing various kinds of sanctions arbitrarily, undermining the economic freedom of the states. He said the Centre was asking the states to strictly abide by FRBM but it was indiscriminately resorting to borrowings without adhering to any rules.

"The Centre's attitude has become a stumbling block for states like Telangana which maintains financial discipline by managing loans and investment expenditure within FRBM limits. I demand that the Centre immediately reconsider and lift the economic sanctions imposed on the states and stop any further violation of the rights of the states," he said.

KCR said the Centre's attitude towards Telangana was creating a major problem for the state. Telangana is losing Rs. 5,000 crores every year as it refused to implement the anti-farmers power reforms of the Centre, the CM alleged.

He added, "In five years, the state lost Rs. 25,000 crores. If we want this Rs. 25,000 crores we have to install meters at the farmers well and collect power charges. That is not our policy. The state is not to accept any policy that creates a burden on farmers. I will not accept these anti-farmer power reforms as long as I am alive. People's welfare in the state is very important to me."

The Centre did injustice to the state by not setting up an Information Technology and Investment Region (ITIR), alleged KCR, and said had it been implemented, the state would have made more progress in the IT sector. Directly and indirectly, several lakhs would have got employment.

He also flayed the Centre for delaying the delimitation of the constituencies in two states as clearly mentioned in the AP Reorganisation Act.

Failure to procure paddy

He said the Centre had miserably failed in procuring the paddy cultivated in Telangana and had washed off its hands. "One Union minister made sarcastic remarks on the issue saying let people in Telangana eat broken rice. Is there anything more arrogant than this? His remarks have hurt the feelings of the people of Telangana," said KCR.

Stating that farmers in the country are not beggars, he said there should be a uniform policy on paddy procurement all over the country or else the farmers will hit the streets. "I am once again reminding the Centre not to provoke farmers in the country. I demand the Centre shun its pro-corporate and anti-farmers' policies immediately," he added.

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