Sharmila will march to Parliament to protest Kaleshwaram Project ‘scam’

Sharmila would stage a peaceful march from Jantar Mantar to Parliament House in New Delhi on Tuesday

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  13 March 2023 12:30 PM GMT
ys sharmila

YS Sharmila (file photo)

Hyderabad: YSR Telangana Party (YSRTP) president Y.S. Sharmila, claiming that “enough is enough,” said she would stage a peaceful march from Jantar Mantar to Parliament House in New Delhi on Tuesday, demanding action against corruption in Kaleshwaram Project.

Speaking to the media in Hyderabad, Sharmila expressed her disappointment against the authorities for not initiating any action, audit or investigation into the irregularities that were already out in the public. She said she had to resort to this step to draw the attention of the entire nation and the Parliamentarians towards the biggest fiasco of Telangana.

Sharmila said, “Tomorrow, I will walk from Jantar Mantar to the Parliament House to let the entire country realise the magnitude of the scam and our tireless fight in the last two years. The project cost was escalated from Rs. 38,500 crores to Rs. 1.20 lakh crores but yesterday, the BRS minister claimed only Rs. 1.5 lakh acres of land has been irrigated. While 2 TMCs per day could be utlised, they did not even close it with half a TMC, proving that the entire 1.20 lakh crores of rupees went down the drain. Besides, the debt servicing cost and power bills are all forcing Telangana to bleed.”

The YSRTP leader added, “Today, entire India has the right to seek an explanation, as every Indian’s money was looted to give contract to one company. The Central finance institutions extended debt to the tune of Rs. 1 lakh crores so the country is at a loss.”

Calling the Kaleshwaram project “a disaster,” she added, “The Opposition leaders in the state are mum, and so are the Central ministers who do lip service but won’t act.”

Sharmila further said, “We have been the only party fighting against the project. We met everyone, from the ED to the CAG. We will continue to wage this war until the Parliament takes it up. I invite all Telangana MPs to join me in this fight.”

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