TDP calls budget 2022 'anti-poor', says Jagan's welfare betrayals shocked people

He said the ruling YSRCP had once again proved its cheap tactics of giving Rs. 10 with one hand and taking Rs. 100 with the other.

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  11 March 2022 2:51 PM GMT
TDP calls budget 2022 anti-poor, says Jagans welfare betrayals shocked people

Amaravati: The TDP national general secretary and MLC, Nara Lokesh, on Friday called the Andhra Pradesh budget 2022-23 "anti-poor and anti-development".

He said the ruling YSRCP had once again proved its cheap tactics of giving Rs. 10 with one hand and taking Rs. 100 with the other. He said the government did not explain why it had failed to provide benefits under its much-trumpeted welfare scheme Amma Vodi last year.

Addressing a press conference after the Assembly was adjourned, Lokesh slammed the Chief Minister for setting a revenue target of Rs. 16,500 crore from liquor sales during the 2022-23 financial year. This was a u-turn from his pre-poll promise of phased prohibition. The Chandrababu Naidu regime had aimed at just Rs. 6,000 crore Excise revenue showing its commitment to the people's well-being at that time, Lokesh added.

He said the government had allocated Rs. 6,500 crore for Amma Vodi but it was seeking to take back Rs. 16,500 crore in the name of 'Nanna Buddi' liquor sales. Moreover, the YSRCP was known for violating budget targets and diverting funds for its scam-based schemes. Arogyasri was allocated Rs. 1,000 crore but no hospital in the state was accepting these cards because of non-payment of dues, he further alleged.

Lokesh said the Jagan regime was making boastful claims about Amma Vodi, pensions, and Cheyuta while not giving any funds or powers to the weaker sections, corporations, or sub-plans. Last year, Rs. 10,478 crore was allocated for BC finance corporation but only Rs. 1,199 crore was spent. Just Rs. 94 crore was given as against the Rs. 1,208 crore allocated to the minority corporation.

The TDP MLC demanded the government explain why it gave just Rs. 340 crore as against Rs. 5,000 crore allocated to the SC corporation last year. Videsi Vidya was cancelled this year and as a result, over 3,000 students belonging to weaker sections will face financial problems in continuing their studies abroad, he alleged. An inordinate delay was being caused in fee reimbursement, creating problems for students in getting hall tickets for examinations, he added.

Lokesh said Jagan has become a "betrayer CM" by not fulfilling his promise regarding pensions for women above 45 years even in the third year of his regime. Over 25 weavers died by suicide due to lack of yarn subsidies and Nethanna Nestham was being given to just 80,000 out of 3.5 lakh weaver families, he said.

The MLA further said that while NTR and Chandrababu Naidu gave a combined pension of Rs. 1,850 to the aged people, Jagan and his father YS Rajasekhar Reddy gave Rs. 625. Over Rs. 1,000 was slashed from Amma Vodi benefit. Also, the scheme to give bicycles to school students was cancelled. Jagan Reddy failed to fulfil the promise to give Rs. 3,000 pension and no funds were given to corporations formed for sub-castes, Lokesh claimed.

The TDP leader condemned the Jagan regime for not allocating funds for the Amaravati Capital project despite High Court orders. The court has clearly said that there will be only one capital for AP as per the Reorganisation Act, he added.

TDP MLAs and MLCs took out a protest rally outside the Assembly demanding the government clarify the Rs. 94,399 crore expenditure made without getting necessary budget approvals. The TDP legislators led by Lokesh, state president Atchannaidu and Payyavula Keshav raised slogans protesting YSRCP's "scams and frauds". They held placards and banners asking what happened to the massive multi-crore loans brought by the government in the past three years.

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