Hyderabad: The BJP's Telangana unit, on 10 January, condemned the permanent suspension of US President Donald Trump's Twitter account.

The state BJP spokesperson, K. Krishna Saagar Rao asked if Twitter has become a politically-biased entity from a neutral social platform? "I strongly condemn the unjustified, unilateral action of Twitter in permanently suspending the personal account of the President of the USA," said Mr. Rao.

Partisan positions are for politicians and political parties to take not for tech companies, he said, adding, "It's a shame that those who advocate free speech are celebrating US President Donald Trump being suspended from Twitter unilaterally. One should understand insulting and censoring a sitting President equals not just insulting 75 million voters who voted for him but an entire nation."

The BJP spokesperson also said that the elected leader of a nation is silenced through suspension of his social media account by a tech company after being certain that he wouldn't continue as the President anymore. It reeks of timed opportunism and a brazen political agenda by Twitter, he added.

"Dictators, kings, oppressive rulers, and Left extremists can have Twitter accounts and express freely but not the President of one of the largest nations in the world? The President who holds nuclear weapon codes and has governed the USA for four years doesn't warrant judgement on 'responsible expression' by a bunch of tech company executives," said the BJP spokesperson.

The saffron party also said that it's shocking that the immature bias and prejudiced assumption of Twitter have overtaken the expected tolerance to freedom of expression.

"If in case, the speech by President Donald Trump has incited violence, there is a legal recourse and a functional justice system in the USA that can follow the due process to hold him responsible. Twitter can't become judge, jury, and dispense lopsided sentences by permanently suspending the Twitter account of a globally popular democratic leader," Mr. Rao said.

He further said, "I can understand regular people taking sides that's natural in a democracy. However, a publicly listed Tech-Company making a judgment on what is moral, ethical, and inciteful is certainly none-of-their-business."

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