Telangana Elections: Kishan Reddy alleges Congress-BRS pact, tests Kharge with 8 questions

Kishan Reddy said that the Congress and BRS have become “best friends” in a deal brokered by the AIMIM party.

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  27 Aug 2023 10:25 AM GMT
Kishan alleges Congress-BRS pact, tests Kharge with 8 questions

Hyderabad: Union Minister and BJP state chief G Kishan Reddy questioned the integrity of Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge by insinuating a Congress-BRS alliance in Telangana.

Kishan Reddy said that the Congress and BRS have become “best friends” in a deal brokered by the AIMIM party. He alleged that the Congress is willing to sacrifice its own party to defeat the BJP, and the deal with BRS is a step in that direction.

Reddy pointed to a number of incidents to support his allegations, including the recent transfer of 10 acres of prime property land from BRS to Congress for just Rs 2 lakh, the joint campaign by Congress and BRS in the recent presidential election, and the joint voting of both parties in the recent Monsoon Session of the Parliament.

He also asked Kharge to answer eight questions about the Congress-BRS alliance, including whether there was a deal between the two parties to grab the prime property land, and whether the Congress has made any efforts to get the Telangana Congress MLAs who are in BRS disqualified.

The eight questions Kishan Reddy asked Mallikarjun Kharge are:

- BRS recently gave 10 acres of prime property land to the Congress Party for Rs 2 Lakh while providing no land for the poor for 2BHK housing. Can Mallikarjun Khargeji confirm that there was no deal between the BRS and the INC to grab this land?

- KTR recently said that the BRS will be a part of a coalition party in their attempt to defeat the BJP. This anti-BJP platform that KTR talked about was also repeated by party members in Congress and BRS. Both sides stated this openly on public platforms. How long does Khargeji want to hide this secret understanding? Is he waiting till the Telangana election is completed so that they can come out in the open?

- Telangana Congress MLAs are in BRS without even resigning from the party. Have there been any serious efforts by the Congress party to get these MLAs disqualified? Or is this a part of the internal understanding between BRS and Congress?

- In the recent Presidential election, despite having a historical opportunity to elect an accomplished woman tribal President Draupadi Murmu, BRS sided with the Congress candidate and BRS led the campaign in Telangana. Has the Congress-BRS joint hatred for the tribal communities led the BRS and INC to come together?

- In the Legislative Council, the Congress and BRS have merged. Can Congress Party state what efforts they have made in rectifying this or are they happy with this merger?

- The communal MIM is the glue that binds Congress and BRS and the decision to oppose the Uniform Civil Code is a result of this. Can the Congress Party confirm that they will not take BRS support in opposing the Uniform Civil Code?

- In the recent Monsoon session of the Parliament, BRS and Congress came together to vote in the No-Confidence Motion in Lok Sabha in August 2023. BRS voted for AAP and Congress in the Govt of Delhi Services Bill despite knowing that the Government of India has the right to frame laws in Delhi. Even the other non-NDA regional parties were supporting the BJP in the national interest. The whole of the nation watched the Congress-BRS working closely in the recent Parliament session. Can Congress still deny this?

- In the Congress-led UPA government under ‘Super Prime Minister’ Sonia Gandhi, KCR was a Union Minister at the Centre and the two parties had a pact at the state level in the undivided state. Has the Congress-BRS relationship not continued to flourish since then?

Reddy said that Kharge’s silence on these questions will only reconfirm to the people of Telangana what they already know — a Congress-BRS alliance is in the open in the state.

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