Telangana ruled by `Raja' who loots people; no chance of electoral alliance with TRS: Rahul Gandhi

Rahul said the TRS chief cheated and looted the people of the state. He said Telangana is not ruled by a CM, but by a raja who doesn’t listen to the voice of the people.

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  7 May 2022 3:18 AM GMT
Telangana ruled by `Raja who loots people; no chance of electoral alliance with TRS: Rahul Gandhi

Warangal: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi ruled out an electoral alliance with the TRS in the state. Rahul said the TRS chief cheated and looted the people of the state. He said Telangana is not ruled by a CM, but by a raja who doesn't listen to the voice of the people.

Rahul outlined the agriculture policy that Congress would pursue after it comes to power in the State. He promised to waive farm loans up to Rs 2 lakh.

He also warned that Congress leaders who even indirectly raise the issue of alliance with the TRS would be kicked out of the party.

"There will be a straight fight between the Congress and the TRS and we are going to defeat them," Rahul Gandhi said.

The Congress leader's assertion assumes significance against the backdrop of recent events involving poll strategist Prashant Kishor. The BJP had made the best use of the reports that PK would join the Congress and continue his commercial engagement with TRS as a poll strategist and convince both parties to an electoral pact.

Speaking at the "Raythu Sangharshana Sabha" here, Rahul went hammer and tongs against the TRS government. He asked the audience about what happened to the "dream" of Telangana's development.

TPCC president Revanth Reddy read out the Congress party's "Warangal declaration," in which they promised to waive off Rs 2 lakh loan of farmers and buy paddy at MSP. He added that the party would give farmers Rs 15,000 per acre.

"Telangana is a new state, and it wasn't formed easily. People gave their blood for it. This state was the dream of the people. It was not made for a single person," Rahul said.

"One family in Telangana has seen a lot of prosperity. But I ask you, have the people got jobs? Who is responsible for the families of deceased farmers present today?" he questioned.

He added that it was not easy for the Congress party to carve out a new state. "We knew we would not get support, but we still stood by the people," he said.

Rahul said after the state bifurcation, democracy has eluded the state. "We promised two things during our successful election campaign in Chhattisgarh: We would waive off debts of farmers, and buy paddy at Rs 2,500. We listened to the farmers and met their demands. People in Telangana are also asking for the same things today," he said.

Rahul said the Congress party will never work with anyone who has cheated, scammed and betrayed Telangana.

"Any Congress leader who raises this issue will be removed from the party. If any Congress party member wants to work with TRS, he or she should leave and join the ruling party or BJP. We do not need such people. We fight for our morals, and will not get along with any 'king.' We will defeat TRS in the election," he said.

"We will never forgive a person who destroyed Telangana's dreams and cheated workers of the state. Only those who have fought for the people will get tickets only based on merits. No matter who you are, if you have not fought for the farmers or stood by the people, you will not get a ticket," he said.

Rahul said Sonia Gandhi listened to the voice of the state and made Telangana a separate state. "it was a dream. That dream is your, hers, and also mine. I want to see it come true," he said.

"Wherever there is a need for me, wherever you want me to be present and fight for you- I am ready to be there. This is not just your fight. This is the Congress party's fight, and it is my fight. If there is to be an alliance, it will be between TRS and BJP. The BJP at the centre is controlling the TRS government remotely from Delhi. BJP knows that Congress will never work with them. Therefore, they are working with the TRS in Telangana," he said.

Gandhi said no matter how much money Telangana CM "steals," neither BJP nor the ED will investigate it.

"The rally is for farmers. We want them to know that Congress stands with them. In the days going forward, we will organize similar rallies for tribal, and fight for a 10% reservation. TRS has cheated the people. Now, give Congress a chance. Give farmers, minorities, and youth a chance to grow with Congress," he added.

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