Hyderabad: Unfazed by defeat in Dubbaka by-poll, Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao expressed confidence to win 100 seats in Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) elections.

"All surveys are showing TRS is winning. In the past, people spoke against TRS and even ran a campaign that the party lost its existence. But every time, the party bounced back with better results.TRS is a powerful political force in the country and `Srirama Raksha' for the Telangana state," he said while reviewing the party's preparedness for the GHMC elections.

KCR said they have registered record wins in the Assembly, Parliament, Zilla Parishad and Municipal elections. "People are blessing us every time. We will win GHMC elections too," said KCR

Speaking about the development in Hyderabad, he said Rs 67,000 Crores worth of works have been taken up in the city. "To overcome traffic woes, work on new flyovers have been taken up. Underpasses have been constructed and many works are in progress. For the benefit of the poor, Basti Dawakhanas have been introduced and Rs 5 meal is supplied to 50,000 people per day. Many more development works are in the process. People are observing all these and they will not fall for fake propaganda and false claims," he said.

He also gave a call to the party cadres to strongly counter BJP's attempts to spread lies through false propaganda.

"Hyderabad is known for religious harmony. People from all religions and regions are living here peacefully. Religious upheavals were sometimes caused by demented leaders. But in the last six and a half years of TRS government, Hyderabad has been sleeping peacefully. Investments are pouring into the city. Amazon alone is investing Rs 21,000 crore. A total of Rs 2 lakh crore has been invested. Development is possible only if there is peace and security," said KCR.

He said pople need to think if they want a Hyderabad where religious harmony prevails or Hyderabad where swords are drawn in the name of religion.

KCR said that this country needs good direction and better leadership.

"Current policies need to be replaced. TRS will take the initiative in this regard. TRS will play an active role in shaping politics in the country. TRS acts as a driving force. It is the responsibility of the TRS and Telangana state to save the people from the forces that run the country with distorted and narrow-minded ideas," he said.

Chief Minister said the country needs to be liberated from BJP and Congress. "The BJP and Congress seem to be on the same page. The country needs to be liberated from both template parties. The country must take a new path." said KCR.

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