Vote for BRS, AIMIM is vote for Modi, says Revanth; vows to abolish Dharani

Revanth Reddy reiterated that Dharani will be abolished once the Congress Party comes to power.

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  25 Aug 2023 12:26 PM GMT
Vote for BRS, AIMIM is vote for Modi, says Revanth; vows to abolish Dharani

Hyderabad: TPCC president Revanth Reddy alleged that Dharani has become an ATM for chief minister K Chandrashekar Rao. “Previously, it was the Kaleshwaram and Palamuru-Ranga Reddy projects that served as KCR’s ATM. Now, it is Dharani that has become KCR’s ATM,” said Revanth Reddy, while addressing a gathering of party members.

On Friday, BJP state executive committee member from Mahabubnagar constituency, lawyer NP Venkatesh, along with many leaders from BRS and BJP joined the Congress Party. Later, Revanth Reddy invited them to his Jubilee Hills residence where he addressed them.

‘Dharani is looting tribal, Dalit lands’

Revanth Reddy reiterated that Dharani will be abolished once the Congress Party comes to power. "We will bring in a better system than Dharani and protect the lands," he said.

He said that land titles would be guaranteed and lands would be protected. “There is no protection for Dalit and tribal lands as long as Dharani is there,” he said. The BRS government introduced the Dharani portal as a solution for all land records under large-scale reforms.

Revanth Reddy alleged that KCR is using Dharani to steal the state’s resources. After Dharani was brought, 35 lakh acres of Dalit and tribal lands were looted, he alleged and accused KCR of becoming a middleman and doing the work of thousands of VROs. He accused KCR of putting the collectors in the forefront and looting the lands and said that minister Srinivas Goud is playing the BC card when questioned about these issues.

Revanth Reddy challenged the government to organise gram sabhas in 12,000 panchayats on Dharani. “KCR claims that Rythu Bima and Rythu Bandhu can’t function without Dharani. But Dharani was brought in 2020. Whereas, Rythu Bandhu and Rythu Bima started in 2018. The Congress Party is credited with paying the farmer’s loan waiver and crop loss. Welfare schemes are implemented based on the details available in the revenue department,” said Revanth.

‘Asaduddin Owaisi is Chhota Bhai for Modi’

“KCR is making people think that there is a distance between Pragati Bhavan and Raj Bhavan. However, now that the elections are here both are talking behind closed doors in Raj Bhavan. What is their secret? Shouldn’t they talk about public issues in front of everyone?” asked Revanth.

Revanth Reddy criticised Modi, KCR and Asaduddin for being ‘partners in crime.’ He said that prime minister Narendra Modi, KCR and president of the AIMIM Asaduddin Owaisi are different in form but their minds are one. He ridiculed the BRS party saying that once the Car (symbol for BRS) goes to Delhi, it becomes a Lotus (symbol for BJP).

“Why is Asaduddin not questioning KCR for supporting Modi? Minorities should take note of this,” Revanth said, saying that voting for BRS and MIM is like voting for Modi.

Revanth promises loan waivers, pensions, jobs

“After the Congress comes to power, the elderly, widows, disabled, beedi workers, single women, toddy tappers, weavers, AIDS victims, filaria and dialysis patients will be given Rs 4,000 as pension,” Revanth promised.

He once again assured that farmers will get a loan waiver of Rs 2 lakh. He said that 2 lakh government job vacancies would be filled and a gas cylinder would be provided for Rs 500 each. He said that the government will bear medical expenses up to Rs 5 lakh for the poor through Aarogyasri. Revanth Reddy said that every poor person who builds a house will be given Rs 5 lakh.

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