Will free Hyderabad from the 'Nizam culture': Amit Shah

BJP will free Hyderabad from the 'Nizam culture' and work towards constructing a modern and new city flush with democratic principles.

By Sumit Jha  Published on  29 Nov 2020 11:21 AM GMT
Will free Hyderabad from the Nizam culture: Amit Shah

Hyderabad: The Union Minister for Home Affairs, Amit Shah, said the BJP will free Hyderabad from the 'Nizam culture' and work towards constructing a modern and new city flush with democratic principles.

"We will take it away from dynastic politics," said Amit Shah. He also said that BJP is not fighting the GHMC elections to increase the number of seats or strengthen its presence but claimed that this time the Mayor of Hyderabad will be from the BJP.

Amit Shah was speaking while canvassing for the upcoming GHMC elections in Hyderabad on 29 November. He also attacked Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao and asked, "Where was KCR at the time of the Hyderabad Floods? He did not visit the affected areas when people were in distress. This is a big question from Hyderabadis which has to be answered by the CM."

He said Hyderabad has the potential to become an IT hub. TRS and AIMIM cannot make Hyderabad a global city and an IT Hub of the world because they are incompetent and irresponsible, he said, adding only the BJP has the track record and competence to ensure Hyderabad transforms into a global IT hub. Hyderabad should transform into a modern global city and not be stuck in the Nawab and Nizam times, he added.

"Infrastructure has to be developed by the municipal corporation even though funds are given by the state and the Centre. The current corporation under the TRS and the Congress is the biggest impediment to this," said the Union minister.

On the issue of Rohingyas, he said, "When I take action, then they create a ruckus in the Parliament. When I ask them to give in writing that Bangladeshis and Rohingyas have to be evicted, who takes their side in the Parliament?" Shah was hinting at Owaisi's remark, "If there are illegal Rohingyas here, what is the PM doing?"

Shah accused the TRS of sinking the city of Hyderabad with its appeasement towards AIMIM and said TRS allowed AIMIM to illegally encroach all waterfronts, lakes, and nalas leading to an unprecedented deluge. He questioned what was TRS doing for the last five years without clearing drains, removing silt, and demolishing encroachments. He also questioned KCR on the unimplemented 100-days plan of 2016.

"TRS misgovernance and failure to deliver 2016 manifesto promises like double-bedroom homes for the poor, drinking water connections, dumping yards, Hussain Sagar clean up, new hospitals, and Musi river development," said Shah. He also said KCR has failed the GHMC by not delivering on any poll promises.

He pointedly asked KCR to answer why he has not implemented the Ayushman Bharat scheme which provides Rs. 5 lakh health insurance to the poor. He outlined a host of fund disbursements made to Hyderabad, including over Rs. 500 crore support recently.

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