Rachakonda Commissionerate tops with 34% convictions in major cases

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  23 Dec 2019 5:00 PM GMT
Rachakonda Commissionerate tops with 34% convictions in major cases


  • Rachakonda Commissionerate comes first in Telangana with 34% convictions in major cases, with 10 life imprisonment convictions

For the year 2019, Rachakonda commissionerate stood first in Telangana with 34% convictions for significant crimes, including ten life-imprisonment and other vital convictions. Out of 823 cases disposed within the commissionerate this year, they have reportedly secured convictions for 278 cases.

Among the ten life-imprisonment convictions under the commissionerate, three are for sexual assault against minor girls. In 2014, they had convicted a school van driver for kidnapping and brutally raping a 14-year-old girl. Similarly, the Rachakonda officers were able to get a life imprisonment verdict for a man who had sexually assaulted his 13-year-old adopted daughter. The First ADJ Court at Nalgonda had given the decision within six months of the crime. In another case, a man had kidnapped and raped a four-year-old girl in the guise of giving her chocolate. The police got the conviction within ten months of the incident and secured 12-year imprisonment for the perpetrator.

Apart from these POCSO cases, 11 more major criminal cases within Rachakonda Commissionerate secured a conviction in 2019. On November 2014, a five-member gang kidnapped a 12-year-old boy for ransom on the pretext that his father was admitted in the hospital. The group took him on a bike to Pedda Cheruvu in Mansoorabad. However, they brutally murdered him by strangulating him when the boy had begun to struggle.

During the trial, on February 20, 2019, the Fourth Additional Court at LB Nagar convicted the primary accused, Bheemanapally Naveen Kumar, for life imprisonment and slapped Rs 3,000 fine.

In a similar case involving gangs, a five-member gang murdered a 47-year-old advocate from Kapra. The latter became an obstacle to the group while grabbing a 5-acre land in Chennapuram village in Shamirpet Mandal in 2016. The gang attacked the victim, Avula Uday Kumar, with a sickle and murdered him at the disputed area. The court had sentenced the primary accused to life imprisonment in 2019.

There are also many bizarre cases in the list. In a Balapur, a husband set his wife on fire after she refused to give him a feet massage. The court convicted the husband for life imprisonment. Meanwhile, the wife succumbed to her injuries in 2014, while undergoing treatment at Osmania General Hospital.

In 2016, a court had convicted a wife to life imprisonment for killing her husband. The accused, along with her boyfriend, strangled her husband with a saree, thus murdering him for discovering her affair.

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