Rachakonda constable blames Chilkalguda cops, private hospitals for wife’s death

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  29 July 2020 5:14 AM GMT
Rachakonda constable blames Chilkalguda cops, private hospitals for wife’s death

Hyderabad: A police head constable has blamed an inspector posted at Gandhi hospital for the death of his wife last month.

Head constable Lateef working with Rachakonda commissionerate said the inspector did not allow him to enter Gandhi hospital despite his wife suffering from acute breathing problems.

Lateef stated he took his wife to so many private hospitals, but none of them were ready to treat her.

“When I informed my commissioner sir, he asked me to visit Gandhi hospital. Around 1 am, I took her to the hospital, but an Inspector rank officer did not allow me to enter. I even made him speak to Additional DCP from our area, but he stood adamant. He said he would allow us only if she is COVID positive. I even gave my commissioner’s reference, but he did not listen, forcing me to leave the place. Just one km from the hospital, my wife breathed her last,” Lateef said.

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Lateef made the revelations during a function organized by Rachakonda police on Tuesday to welcome 45 personnel who recovered from COVID 19. Videos of his speech have now gone viral on social media platforms.

“My wife suffered like anything. She was gasping for breath and clenching her fists in pain. Had the inspector showed some mercy that night, there were chances that my wife would have survived. I believe he too has a family. He should not have done that,” Lateef said as tears swelled his eyes.

The head constable initially took his wife to Yashoda hospital but they did not admit her saying they were short of beds. “I told them that I will pay, but they did not agree. Even as I was speaking to them, many patients got admitted and my wife was put back into the ambulance. I was running around different private hospitals till night,” he said.

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With no hospital willing to admit his wife, he approached Rachakonda commissioner Mahesh Bhagwat for help. After my wife’s death, he and his two daughters got tested at Meerpet on June 29. Two days later, his daughters tested negative. His test reports were awaited.

“Officials at Meerpet police station told me not to worry and take adequate precautions. Accordingly, I was isolated in a room and followed quarantine strictly. Fifteen days later, someone claiming to be a doctor from Government hospital at King Koti called up and informed me that I had tested positive for COVID,” he said.

It was Rachakonda commissioner Mahesh Bhagwat who came to his rescue. “I panicked, but Dora (commissioner)’s words gave me courage. He said, 'we will take care of you and your daughters ’. I wholeheartedly thank sir and will be indebted to him all through my life,” Lateef said.

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