Rahul Gandhi slams FM's theory about millennials

By Durga Ramesh  Published on  12 Sep 2019 5:47 PM GMT
Rahul Gandhi slams FMs theory about millennials

Hyderabad: Congress MP Rahul Gandhi expresses his concern over the deepening economic crisis, on Thursday.

He took to Twitter and criticised the NDA government for not having a concrete plan to fix the economy.

He came down on BJP for ‘propaganda and manipulated new cycles’ are not India needs in present

slump. He criticised Finance Minister Nirmala’s theories about millennials.

It must be mentioned here that the finance minister has termed Ola or Uber is one of the reasons for the

slump in the Auto Mobile sector. She opined that the millennials are not ready to spend money to buy


Rahul Gandhi posted the photo of former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh with a write-up

‘Acknowledging that we have a problem is a good place to start.’ He indirectly mentioned that the present

government hadn’t identified the economic calamity that surrounded the nation.

The Gandhi scion has added the web link of an interview of Dr.Manmohan Singh published in a business

publication in which the former Prime Minister blamed the BJP led government for the heavy fall of the

financial sector.

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