Rainwater floods Hyderabad's Osmania General Hospital

By Priyali Dhingra  Published on  15 July 2020 4:01 PM GMT
Rainwater floods Hyderabads Osmania General Hospital

Hyderabad: As rains lashed the city, those at the Osmania General Hospital (OGH) experienced a deluge of their own. Videos released by medical staff and patients who were inside the hospital on the morning of 15 July shows water flooding the hospital building.

Rainwater entered through the main gate of the in-patient building, wrecking all wards and offices on the ground floor. This was the second time in a week that the OGH saw water build-up inside the premises. However, rainwater that entered the building on Wednesday mixed up with sewage, causing inconvenience to the sanitation workers who, in the videos, can be seen throwing out the water.

Water that reached above the ankle had submerged the wards on the ground floor, sources told NewsMeter.

"While stagnation of this kind happens every year, it has intensified this year because of a concrete road that has been laid right outside OGH. The sloping road has caused a large amount of rainwater to flow inside the building," said Dr. Mahesh, a professor at the Osmania Medical College.

Doctors at the hospital told NewsMeter that they are facing grave inconvenience attending to patients admitted to the medical wards on the ground floor.

Speaking to NewsMeter, Dr. Pandu Naik, the acting superintendent at the hospital, said the hospital authorities had contacted the directorate of enforcement and vigilance, GHMC, and temporarily diverted the flow of the water. "Water in the wards has been cleared. We have made provisional arrangements to avoid the same," he said.

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