Reach out to Hindus, says Vaiko

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  17 Sep 2019 10:18 AM GMT
Reach out to Hindus, says Vaiko

Chennai: Known for his sharp tongue and open criticisms that has often landed him in trouble, MDMK general secretary and member of Rajya Sabha, Vaiko sprung a surprise talk at his party's conclave in Chennai recently. Known for his deep-rooted faith in Dravidian politics, he has been championing the cause of minorities. His wordy duel with the BJP and dubbing the party as Hindutva won his criticisms from few quarters.

Interestingly, Vaiko seems to have made a U-turn. Speaking at the party's annual meet, Vaiko said, 'It is time that we involve in inclusive politics'. He said 'just like how we wish Muslims going to the mosque, Christian brethren visiting churches, we should extend our greetings to Hindus going to temples'.

He said that much recently there has been a huge increase in people going to places of worship. Lakhs and lakhs visited Kanchipuram to worship Athi Varadar and the number keeps increasing in Chidambaram, where they come to offer prayers to Lord Nataraja.

Vaiko, however, said, "This should be a ploy from us. If we reach out to Hindus, we can indirectly stop the rise and rise of Sanathana forces".

He questioned as to 'why we don't wish Hindus for their festivals. Let us bring them into our fold'.

"Many may ask me whether I shifted from Periyar ideologies. As time changes, we should be flexible and make sure a few tweaks are made to suit the present day," he added. He also recalled how Annadurai made changes to his ideologies as the years went by.

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