5 held for entering Vizag zoo's wild boar enclosure, taking video

They shot a video and uploaded it on the account “lovely sai Ganesh.” They also tagged the IGZP’s Instagram account

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  30 July 2022 11:24 AM GMT
5 held for entering Vizag zoos wild boar enclosure, taking video

Visakhapatnam: Weeks after a video of some people entering the wild boar enclosure at the Vizag zoo and teasing the animal went viral, the Arilova police have arrested five persons in Visakhapatnam.

On 3 July, a group of people from Marikavalasa visited the Indira Gandhi Zoological Park (IGZP) in Vizag. They entered the wild boar enclosure and disturbed and teased the animals. They also shot a video and uploaded it on the account "lovely sai Ganesh." They also tagged the IGZP's Instagram account. After it came to the notice of the IGZP officials, a UDOR case was booked under Wildlife Protection Act 1972 against the unidentified individuals under section 38-J for teasing animals in the zoo. Further, a complaint was also filed in the Arilova police station on 12 July.

IGZP curator Nandani Salaria said, "A group of young boys entered the paddock area of the wild boar enclosure, which is on one side of the herbivore section, after which the service area starts. The incident happened a few minutes after the animal keeper of the enclosure went inside the night house cleaning."

Notice to zoo security

On the other side of the wild boar enclosure is the herbivore section. During the visiting hours, the security guard posted in this section has to cover around eight animal enclosures. A limited staff of 40 takes care of about 100 animal enclosures. A notice has been issued to the zoo security outsourcing agency to conduct an inquiry and take necessary action. Zoo security (outsourcing agency) has been instructed to depute one more security personnel in the herbivore section to maintain extra vigilance.

The agency has further been instructed to issue necessary instructions to its personnel to ensure strict vigilance over all the areas of the zoo. Strict instructions have been given to the animal keepers, security personnel, and zoo executive staff to maintain vigilance at all times around the animal enclosures.

Plans to raise enclosure height

The zoo officials are planning to increase the height of the enclosure, as per the Central Zoo Authority (CZA) advisory, to avoid any such incidents in the future. The zoo's curator said the estimates in this regard are being prepared and work will soon be executed as per the procedure. Further, the zoo administration is undertaking repairs and renovation of animal enclosures in the herbivore and primate sections. The moat walls will be raised to avoid such incidences.

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