Aadudam Andhra: 25 lakh players participate in AP’s sports extravaganza

Approximately 3 lakh matches have been organised, spanning from competitions at the Secretariat level to those on the state stage

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  12 Feb 2024 1:11 PM GMT
Aadudam Andhra: 25 lakh players participate in AP’s sports extravaganza

Amaravati: Andhra Pradesh braces for the final day of its first-ever sports extravaganza, ‘Aadudam Andhra,’ as preparations are underway in full throttle.

Launched by chief minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy on December 26, 2023, the event is poised to conclude with a vibrant valedictory ceremony on February 13, marking a significant milestone in the state’s sporting landscape. Aadudam Andhra has successfully fostered a culture of healthy living among the youth while offering them a platform to exhibit their skills and talents.

With participation exceeding 25 lakh players from all 26 districts of Andhra Pradesh, the event has etched its mark in the state’s history. Approximately 3 lakh matches have been organised, spanning from competitions at the Secretariat level to those on the state stage, reflecting the widespread engagement and enthusiasm for the festival.

Chance for local players to join national teams

In a bid to bolster youth engagement and provide them with a springboard to showcase their abilities, the Andhra Pradesh government has forged partnerships with renowned franchises such as Chennai Super Kings, Prime Volleyball, Pro-Kabaddi, and Hyderabad Black Hawks. These collaborations aim to identify and nurture promising players for the next phase of their sporting journey. The eagerly anticipated announcement of the scouted players is scheduled to take place on Tuesday during the valedictory program.

Bridge between ambition and achievement

Andhra Pradesh’s cricket sensation KS Bharat has emerged as an inspiring figure for the youth, highlighting the pivotal role of Aadudam Andhra in nurturing their aspirations.

Bharat, reflecting on his journey from the streets of Andhra Pradesh to the international cricket arena, said, “I grew up in Andhra Pradesh, played cricket on our streets, and reached the international stage. With that same spirit, I urge all our talented players to give it their all and proudly showcase our state to the world.”

Bharat’s sentiment echoes the broader understanding that sports, akin to education, instil courage and confidence in the youth.

“Just like how education is important, sports also build courage and confidence in our youth. Aadudam Andhra, therefore, stands as a beacon of opportunity for the state’s youngsters, bridging the gap between ambition and achievement," he said. Bharat expressed his conviction, stating, “Aadudam Andhra is like a bridge for our youngsters to chase their dreams, and I truly believe they’ll see those dreams come true someday.”

From street mud to stadium mat

A Kabaddi player from Nandigama proudly recounts his journey from playing on the streets to competing on a professional mat, thanks to the Aadudam Andhra.

Hailing from Kesara Sachivalayam, he credited his success to dedicated volunteers and their invaluable assistance in triumphing in Nandigama. Reflecting on his transition to professional competition, he said, “This marks our maiden experience of competing on a professional mat, made possible only by Aadudam Andhra.” Playing on such a surface has been transformative, he said, expressing gratitude to volunteers and staff for their relentless support, noting that the facilities provided have surpassed all expectations.

Sports beyond marriage

Two married women players expressed their appreciation to CM Jagan for the Aadudam Andhra initiative, highlighting its positive impact on their lifestyles.

“We thank CM Jagan for organising the Aadudam Andhra tournament, which has provided an inclusive platform for participation, including students and homemakers like us,” said one of them. She emphasised how the initiative prioritised their health through sports engagement and expressed gratitude to their husbands for their crucial support, which enabled their dedication to the event. Furthermore, she noted that the tournament had spurred positive lifestyle changes, inspiring them to prioritise fitness in novel ways.

Similarly, the other woman said, “The facilities provided, especially in a government tournament, exceeded expectations, with clean toilets and nutritious food contributing to a comfortable environment.” She also acknowledged the encouragement and motivation from her spouse, which propelled her towards achieving visible results.

54-year-old shatters age barrier, inspires rural athletes

Prabhudas (54), the oldest player in Aadudam Andhra competitions, hailed the tournament as a significant boon not just for young athletes but also for individuals like him, enabling them to showcase their talents regardless of age.

Hailing from Chintada, a village in Bobbili Mandal in Vizianagaram district, Prabhudas, who entered the badminton category, has competed in the finals.

Expressing excitement before the final match, Prabhudas shared, “I have coached my 22-year-old son, Prabhu David, and together we’ve joined Aadudam Andhra. I’m thrilled to have reached the finals and this tournament has provided a platform for many athletes from rural areas to excel across the state.”

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