Vizianagaram: Police are winning hearts for going beyond the call of duty and performing the last rites of two men who were abandoned by family and friends fearing COVID-19 in Vizianagaram district.

On Sunday, Gurla police performed the last rites of a 70-year-old man after his relatives backed off. The Identified as K Lakshmana Rao, a native of Seetharamunipeta, he was suffering from ill-health and was found under a tree at Gurla. Head constable of the Gurla police station Y Appa Rao provided food and water to the old man, but he died on Sunday.

Neither his distant relatives nor the locals came forward to shift the body to cremation ground due to Covid-19 fear. Gurla police led by Sub-Inspector of Police P Neelavathi arranged a make-shift stretcher to shift the body to the crematorium. The sub-inspector appreciated the team for rising up to the occasion.

In another incident, a 45-year-old-man died in Srikakulam hospital with suspected symptoms of the Covid-19. When none came forward to perform last rites, police with the support of the Red-Cross organization cremated the body on Sunday.

It may be recalled that a few weeks ago, woman sub-inspector K Sirisha carried the body of an 80-year-old homeless person on her shoulders for over one kilometer after none came forward at Adavi Kotturu in Srikakulam district.

In March this year, Rambilli police in Visakhapatnam district carried a semi-decomposed body, which was found washed ashore at Seethapalem, after the locals backed off.

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