Visakhapatnam: Police have launched an investigation after graveyard staff alleged that a family tried to bury a newborn baby alive at Chavula Madam on Saturday evening.

Graveyard staff told the reporters that four members of a family came in a car and wanted to bury a baby. But when they opened the cover, they found the baby alive and refused the burial.

They later informed the police, who rushed to the spot along with district child protection officer Allu Satyanarayana. "The family buried the baby at Karasa graveyard and claimed that he was dead,'' circle inspector of fourth town K Sai said.

The DCPO visited a nursing home in Railway New Colony, Visakhapatnam and spoke to the medical officer Dr. K Kamala.

The doctor told the officials that a couple from Madhavadhara came to her for treatment of a five-month pregnant woman. After conducting tests it was found that the unborn baby was suffering from Down Syndrome, a genetic disorder that impaired physical and mental growth.

On medical advice, the woman was operated and the baby was removed. They later announced that the baby had died. The family later took the baby for burial at Chavula Madam where the staff refused to oblige.

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