Vijayawada: Ugly scenes were witnessed on a live television show when Amaravati JAC leader Srinivas hit BJP leader Vishnu Vardhan Reddy with a slipper.

There was a heated exchange of words during a debate over Amaravati versus Jagan politics on a private television channel.

Things took an ugly turn when Vishnu Vardhan Reddy termed Srinivas as a "paid artist" and branded him "TDP's henchman". Srinivas lost his cool and thrashed BJP leader with a slipper.

The issue drew flak on social media with netizens criticizing low-level debates on television shows

"We call them `LEADERS'. How fortunate enough!! @BJP4India and I don't know the other panel party ... Siggu leni nayakulu...chillara adukkoni thine yedavalu... Shame on us who we elect them..." tweeted Srikanth.

The JAC leader used filthy language and cuss words while exchanging barbs with Reddy. Though Reddy asked him to mind language, Srinivas was in no mood to relent.

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