AP faces bleak future under Jagan, warns Naidu

Naidu deplored that the two-year rule of the YSRCP had brought about large-scale destruction and socio-economic devastation that had driven progress in the state backward by over 20 years.

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  30 May 2021 9:30 AM GMT
AP faces bleak future under Jagan, warns Naidu

Amaravati: TDP national president and former chief minister N. Chandrababu Naidu on Sunday expressed concern over 'serious dwindling future prospects and fast-eroding brand image of Andhra Pradesh' because of the anti-people, anti-industry and disruptive policies of chief minister Jagan Mohan Reddy's government.

Naidu deplored that the two-year rule of the YSRCP had brought about large-scale destruction and socio-economic devastation that had driven progress in the state backward by over 20 years. Seeing the government-sponsored demolition, scared investors were turning their heads away from AP. Even the prospective investments have stopped flowing into the state, he said.

The TDP chief addressed a virtual meeting held with the party sympathisers and fans who organised celebrations in New Zealand to mark the annual Mahanaadu and former AP chief minister late N. Taraka Rama Rao's birthday.

Touching upon the problems in AP, Naidu said the two-year destruction that began with the demolition of Praja Vedika had put the state on the verge of bankruptcy. All growth engines like Amaravati, Polavaram project and budding industries were demolished. Serious imbalances between wealth creation and welfare populism had destroyed the overall financial and development ecosystems.

Naidu explained how difficult it would be to construct and develop an Amaravati-like project which had the potential to create wealth of Rs 2 lakh crore. "With just a call, the present chief minister had destroyed all this without any vision for the future and without any concern for the general public. Moreover, needless politicisation took place that was threatening to cause socio-economic devastation," he said.

Naidu asserted that the people of AP were realising the pathetic situation they have been brought into. Nobody would be able to stop TDP's victory in 2024 or in an early election if it would be held. Once back in power, the TDP would do everything possible to reverse the destruction and undo the damage being done by the irresponsible regime of the YSRCP, he said.

Decrying the CM's disregard for the common good, Naidu said their party would remain committed to the larger goals of developing all sections of AP by pursuing plans like Vision 2029. The YSRCP destruction was indeed unprecedented but the TDP believes in the concept that 'human beings are creatures of hope' and will put back the state back on the path of growth and development. It would be just like how Hyderabad was developed in the united AP.

Naidu slammed Jagan's regime for failing to use infrastructure and rescue people from the COVID-19 pandemic's second wave. It has nearly been a year and a half since the infection had broke out but the AP government did not take any preventive measures. He said TDP had developed the Genome Valley project in Hyderabad in the 1990s where Bharat Biotech developed a Coronavirus vaccine that stood now as one of the four best vaccines in the world.

Naidu expressed concern over the growing ratio of loans as a percentage of GSDP in AP now. If this crossed 25 per cent, there would be a severe threat to the economy but in AP, it had already reached 36 per cent. Once this ratio touched 50 per cent, nobody would give any further loans in the future. Just as a family which is unable to get any more loans to sustain its livelihood, AP would also become bankrupt, he said.

The TDP chief said that the welfare agenda of the YSRCP was full of contradictions because Jagan's regime was increasing the burden of debts on each and everyone's head in the state while pretending to improve lives. They were giving out just Rs 10,000 cash to each family but Rs 50,000 worth debt burden was being imposed simultaneously.

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