Vijayawada: Based on reports from the Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences (CCRAS), the Andhra Pradesh government on Monday gave permission to Anandaiah's herbal medicine barring eyedrop. The government says it is not a substitute but only a supplement for COVID-19 treatment.

It may be recalled that thousands of people made a beeline to the Ayurveda practitioner at Nellore for the herbal concoction that he claimed can cure the deadly infection.

The organisers said they use leaves, honey, pepper, green camphor, nutmeg, black cumin, and cinnamon to prepare medicines. Anandaiah's had distributed the medicine free of cost to people. Those in critical condition were given the eye drops. He said it increases the oxygen level in the patients.

The Ayurvedic balls were prepared using Giloy (Tinospora codifolio), neem, pepper, ginger, and turmeric. They were distributed to those who had COVID-19. The same preparation was also given as an immunity booster to people waiting to get vaccinated. People from parts of Rayalaseema and Guntur had claimed to have recovered after taking the medicine. Recently, the state government had stopped the distribution of the medicine.

Meanwhile, AP principal secretary for medical and health Anil Singhal stated that Anandaiah's concoction has no side effects and the state government is keen to allow its supply. He said the state government is waiting for a final report from the experts' committee appointed on Anandaiah's concoction. He made these statements at a press briefing at Vijayawada.

Anil Singhal said that Anandaiah's concoction wouldn't be considered as 'Ayurvedic medicine' for COVID-19. He said the mixture has to go through a detailed process before it can be declared as medicine. He said the process is elaborate and it has to meet certain standards. Anil Singhal said that the concoction should be treated as an immunity booster for now.

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